If you tried one offer or another,

just maybe it’s time to try “just maybe.”

Yes, try a “Yes / Maybe” offer to boost inquiries.

You’ve probably heard of and even tried the “Yes / No” offer. It’s common on subscription packages and other promotions where prospects are asked to immediately decide between accepting or rejecting a simple offer.

But have you ever heard of the “Yes / Maybe” offer? It works in a similar way, but it’s usually found in lead or inquiry generation efforts.

There are several variations. If “Yes” means accepting your offer, “Maybe” could mean an offer for more information. Or if your “Yes” is an inquiry that requires a certain degree of commitment, such as an in-person consultation, your “Maybe” could be a softer version of the inquiry offer with less commitment.

One of the simplest and most effective variations on this unique offer is where “Yes” and “Maybe” are worded differently, but result in the same action on your part. For example:

Yes. I want to beautify my home with the EZ Deck system. Please send my FREE EZ Deck Planner and Information Guide which will help me design a professional looking deck in about 30 minutes.

Maybe. I’m not sure if EZ Deck is for me. Please send additional FREE information, especially if you have a side-by-side comparison of the leading deck systems so I can decide which is best for my home.

Both choices result in the same information being sent to the prospect. However, by stating the offer in this way, you can automatically qualify your inquires. Those who opt for “Yes” are probably more interested than those who opt for “Maybe.”

This offer also allows you to use smart design techniques that are proven to raise response in many cases. These include a submission form with check boxes for each option, dual reply methods, or equipping a landing page, cleverly designed with a video to see an aspect of the program in action for a better presentation. These are all ways to increase involvement with your direct marketing using mail and email to help people focus on your offer. Don’t forget to look at social media. It was made to help you reach more people.

This can work for both consumer messages and for business-to-business programs. The only difference is that you should consider the tone of your mailing and apply the appropriate variation. For some lists, something may work. For others, a simple check box may be a better approach. If you have a good understanding of your customer needs, you’re in a great position.

Whatever variation you choose, remember to follow up promptly for each inquiry you receive. People often request information as an impulse, so you want to strike while the iron is hot. If you wait too long, your prospects may not even remember asking for the information.

To keep your momentum going, always fulfill inquiries within one to two days. The faster you can get requested information into the hands of prospects, the greater your odds of converting inquiries into sales.


Always record options you offered a prospect or a customer. The more data you can extract from a prospect and customer puts your marketing and advertising in the driver’s seat.

And that’s not a maybe, it’s a YES!

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Thanks for reading. Any questions please post them below.

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