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Have you ever wondered what the person looked like when speaking to them on the phone?

Today it is extremely easy to find out. However, does that affect your copywriting? Stay with me now. Do you realize that most companies are not even sure what there customers are like? Or, what they want or what they need? Yes, they could find out. Instead they keep guessing and using disruptive advertising. Not […]

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How to turn your customer list into a dream list…

which adds revenue to the bottom line. Take your list. Look at your best customers. Wouldn’t it be great to have hundreds or thousands more just like your very best customer’s? Sweet! Here’s what you need to do. Invest in purchasing new data that coincides with your current best customers and their demographics and psychographics. […]

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How to Use and Build the “Other” List…

and attract more interest and customers. The simplest, most successful direct marketing strategy starts with a list. We’re not talking about a mailing list here. This is the “other” list – The critically important list of unique elements, features, benefits, and programs that differentiate you and your business from your competitors. Interested? Here’s where to […]

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How to Get Customer and Prospect Feedback…

and how to use it as a marketing advantage! For many, feedback is detrimental – a negative, unplanned disturbance. It’s that dreadful, high-pitched squeal from the public-address system that sometime occurs when the speaker at the podium first opens his or her mouth to say, “Good morning.” In business, there’s another form of feedback. This […]