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How to Use and Build the “Other” List…

and attract more interest and customers.

The simplest, most successful direct marketing strategy starts with a list. We’re not talking about a mailing list here. This is the “other” list – The critically important list of unique elements, features, benefits, and programs that differentiate you and your business from your competitors.

Interested? Here’s where to start.

So, if you don’t already have this kind of corporate identity, we strongly recommend that you get one now. Just go into the closet, shut the door, and make a list of the advantages you offer that outshine those offered by your competition.

Make it a definitive list, too – one that establishes your unique corporate identity. Don’t leave out a thing, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. That’s because all the little things add up to a big difference.

Then, with your corporate identity list in hand, you know exactly what you need to communicate in every direct marketing message and proposition you deploy.

This exercise can be a game changer.

After all, if you don’t differentiate yourself from the competition, your prospects may see you as just another “pretty face.” Or even worse, they may confuse you with your competitors.

Remember that having your identity list and knowing what to say is just half of the battle. You need to make a commitment to take all-out massive action in the form of a systematic and sequential deployment of marketing materials communicating precisely what makes you better, more desirable and the company of choice.

So, communicate more to new prospects. Take the time to invest in new and better data. After a reasonable time, delete those who never respond and replace them with new names. The world doesn’t stand still. People move, companies move. You need new data just to keep up. In fact, the Post Office reports 20 to 25% of companies and people move every year.

Test it with your present customers.

And, communicate more to existing customers. They are the foundation of your business. You owe it to them to sell them more, tell them more and help them more. You never do a disservice to your customers by selling them more. In fact, you may do a disservice by not telling them about the new models and not telling them about your new services, upgrades and enhancements.


Keep in mind that the one thing you can’t afford to do is to wait until your competition starts using their corporate identity list before you start using yours. Now it’s time to get out of the closet and get back to work. You’ll enjoy it more as you complete your new identity.

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