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How to Use Story Telling Within a Brochure and…

other channels to enhance the impact. Brochures use to be the workhorse of marketing and selling. They were handed to prospects, distributed to trade show attendees, offered on a website, inserted into product fulfillment packaging, and so on. Today, you’ll need great copywriting and ways to make contact than what was in a typical brochure […]

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How to kick up the marketing and advertising performance for your product or service…

and yes, even now in digital marketing. It’s what we call the Customer Circle of Success(CCS) that can help you navigate the choppy waters of marketing. Marketing is very subjective. What works one day on one prospect or customer, may not work with your marketing performance on the very next day. Do you listen closely to your customers? […]

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Keeping Your Nose to The Grindstone is Not A Good Idea for a #SmallBiz…

unless your marketing guy wood. Even if your guy is Pinocchio, keeping you and your employees on a continuous planning schedule, will reap greater rewards toward the success of your prospecting program. The world of direct marketing and mail has changed dramatically since 2007, adding more meaning to “only the strong survive.” Ten years later, […]

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun…

but, save some time each day to learn something new. Yes, it is a better idea if you try it out on a “typical” business day. On August 7 of this year, I completed 33 years, as a small business owner and an entrepreneur. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed learning and sharing my experience […]

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Sometimes it pays not to follow the crowd…

but fortunately for you, it’s your turn to lead. Here’s how. Overall, the direct marketing mail business is reporting that the volume of mail pieces is still down. Granted, they may never gain the record volumes of direct marketing mail achieved in the early 2000’s, but smart marketers realize direct mail has advantages which are […]