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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun…

but, save some time each day to learn something new.

Yes, it is a better idea if you try it out on a “typical” business day.

On August 7 of this year, I completed 33 years, as a small business owner and an entrepreneur. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed learning and sharing my experience with others.

However, if I had to pick one impression that made these 33 years happen, it was my ability to embrace change. Whether change is good or not so good, it always happens in life, personal or business.

Here are a few ideas that will help you to find a better way to see an opportunity in conjunction with the word change.

  1. Halloween is every day. Your customers get treats and offers to help build a stronger relationship.
  2. Prospects are potential customers which require stronger messages to gain their attention.
  3. Thinking creatively will help you to gain trust and obtain more customer information.
  4. Better customer data leads to better relevant communications.
  5. Using a Direct-2-Customer marketing model increases the likelihood of a two-way conversation with more prospects and customers.
  6. Create a great opening line for face-to-face networking and in your direct marketing toolset. This leads to a stronger awareness with your contacts.
  7. Do you follow a customer’s journey? Make sure you trace their path using your data and analytics.
  8. Customer-centric marketing strategies remind you to learn more about your contacts.
  9. Your call-to-actions need to attract your contacts and teach them to say yes.
  10. The copywriting of your direct marketing message can always be better.
  11. Did I say you can never have too much prospect and customer data?
  12. A CRM is not only for the big corporations.
  13. Learn and use analytics every single day.
  14. Send your marketing message’s direct to customer.
  15. Your response rate will hit double-digits.
  16. Increasing customer conversations, such as in customer service, will increase data collecting for additional personalization and more conversions.
  17. Customer Segmentation and Targeting is one of the best ways to use with personalization and data analytics.

I hope you find a nugget or two from my “short” list. Soon, I’ll have my blog posts, email newsletters articles, articles from Direct Marketing Success, Direct Mail Success, and the On-Target newsletter, put to rest in 2008, special reports, and case studies in our own Library of Direct Marketing.

So, if you desire to learn something new every day, and use it in your goal of attracting more customers, the Library of Direct Marketing is being built just for you.

Let me know what you think.

The articles in each issue of Direct Marketing Success are ready to help you acquire new customers, and get your existing customers to buy more. To get your copy today, click here.

Thanks for reading. Any questions please post them below.

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