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Here’s How to Handle Disruptive Advertising.

Nothing – stay focused on your customer base. Let other companies deal with disruptive advertising. Know Your Buyer’s Journey.  Who are the winners in this digital ad placement? Not the people who visit the websites for information or a purchase. They hate these **bleep** ads. However, the ad agencies, are raking in the cash. What […]

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How to re-think your usage of segmentation and vertical marketing procedures…

and seriously, it’s not that difficult to start now. I recently finished writing the latest edition of Direct Marketing Success. As I was completing research for this edition, I found marketers are still not embracing the data in vertical marketing and segmenting their contacts within their target markets. “There are many market segments our company […]

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How Multi-layered Personalization can snag a few more customers…

when something is known about the recipient provides a significant benefit for advertising. Personalization used with multi-channel marketing may be a double whammy and produces a significant increase in responses. However, do not forget the intricacies of personalization. Personalization assumes that you know something about the people to whom you are mailing, emailing, or sending […]

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How to Break A Few Rules in Your Direct Marketing Copywriting…

using persuasive or direct response writing to get your copy read. More than likely, your teachers drilled you on avoiding various “mistakes,” such as ending your sentences with prepositions. These are valuable lessons. However, in the real world, people tend to respond to writing that is less formal and more like ordinary conversation. Being persuasive […]