How valuable is your marketing team?

Is it held together by teamwork? Or a piecemeal of whoever is tagged by the office or sales manager?

Today’s “direct marketing manager” in a small biz will undertake an array of tasks and responsibilities in their daily activities. Some of these responsibilities may include:

1. Developing and managing a multi marketing and communications program plan.
2. Managing relationships with key partners in their industry as well as key customers.
3. Managing marketing and advertising budgets.
4. Managing direct marketing activity in direct mail, PR, advertising, events and website design and copy.
5. Working closely with consultants in digital marketing.
6. Ensuring consistency of communication and approach, both online and offline.

The operative word in the beginning paragraph is “may.” There are many other responsibilities in a typical workday of a direct marketing manager in a small biz. However, this was not always the case.

There was a time in Post WWII on to the mid to late 1970’s, in which the role of marketing was purely to support sales! Plus, the title of marketing was left to the larger corporations. Most small businesses used the title of advertising.

Marketing has grown up, but questions still linger about data.

Without going into a history lesson, marketing today is still about determining a customer need and seeking a new opportunity for the small biz products and services.

Today, the markets have grown and many companies are now global. With the growth of the markets so has the growth of communication channels. Now, as a company, your communications need to shout louder and use a variety of channels to stay ahead of the competition.

Your customer has also changed. Many customers are fed up with the interruption of advertising messages. Customers are skeptical and many companies need to re-build trust between themselves and their customers and prospects. Using segmentation and customer profiles are just two of the many opportunities in marketing that belong in a small biz.

Then there is the communication across channels. Communication is more two-way than ever before. The death of the salesman is now reborn in the form of a multi-channel marketing partner. Customers like to make their own decisions based on the interpretation of an advertising message to a group of individuals using a variety of communication channels.

More companies are seeing the benefit of adding a “like” group to assist in their marketing communications. Direct mail still stands as one of the best ways of reaching people, especially with less competition in the customer’s mailbox.

New direct mail? Gratification and trust?

The “less mailbox” competition arguments are many but mainly, marketers are promoting more useful products to their customers and prospects. They are using a type of direct mail that contains “positive product” information and not just a piece of paper that gets lumped in with the trash. Adding in a very creative campaign and design makes the product stand out even more.

One technique of direct marketing mail that is seeing a rebirth, is immediate gratification. Direct mail that includes an instant gift, or a usable product sample, provides instant gratification and will yield better direct mail open rates. In addition, some small biz use a landing page for another offer opportunity and for the mailer to collect more customer data.

Why, you ask? They work! They also plant the seed of a relationship with new customers.

Not-for-profit companies continue to rely on direct mail for their funding drives. Direct mail is a trusted communication channel for finding donors. It allows the not-for-profit agency to show how their funding dollars are used, which goes deeply to the heart of the donator. In addition, many contributors prefer to donate using the pre-addressed forms and mail them back to the not-for-profit company.

In Summary

There are many opportunities today for direct mail to enhance your marketing efforts in a variety of industries. There are a lot of steps along the way that are easier to make when you have experienced marketing people employed at your small biz. Build a marketing team within your company is a wise decision.

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