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Here’s Why Crazy and Wild Sales are Best Left to Others…

because there are 12 Months in a year. Many Black Friday sales started the Monday of Thanksgiving week. In fact, I believe some advertisers are still promoting Black Friday. Cyber Monday turned into Cyber Week and appears to beat the daily sales period of Black Friday. Since our firm is mostly Business2Business, healthcare practitioners and […]

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If you want your marketing non-disruptive…

this post has a lot of ideas but sponsored by no one. I talk with and listen to many colleagues still in the direct mail industry since the 2008-9 downsizing. The downsizing was not good for the smaller mom and pop shops. Most left the industry. Many small firms never changed their business process and […]

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Four Marketing Lessons Learned to Increase Your Revenue…

Or how to accelerate your message frequency and boost response without killing the budget. Usually in Mid-November, all the holiday advertisements are in place and early returns suggest a landslide of goods sold and donations made to deserving charities. Imagine directly reaching consumers online – just like you do offline with direct marketing and mail […]


Where have all my customers gone?

Check your database, CMS or CRM. What’s that? Where do you keep your customers? Oh, in a filing cabinet. How big is your filing cabinet? OK, may be too much tongue and cheek. Seriously though, in a small biz marketing dictionary, Data comes first before Advertising. And a digital marketing strategy has opened the eyes […]

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What is the difference between a CMS and a CRM or ARM?

Not much, but either one is an asset if you use it every day. Here’s why. A contact management system (CMS) stores data obtained from customers, prospects, vendors and a sales team. There is a customer centric contact (CCC) software also available. The definition of a CRM is customer relationship management. In a quick summary, […]