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If you want your marketing non-disruptive…

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I talk with and listen to many colleagues still in the direct mail industry since the 2008-9 downsizing. The downsizing was not good for the smaller mom and pop shops. Most left the industry. Many small firms never changed their business process and planning.

Most of the companies that survived the industry debacle, did change, listening to customers and following similar customer paths. Many of their customers specialized in targeted segments or niche users of direct mail, fortunately embracing their newly connection with data.

On Tuesday, I downloaded an Infographic which was posted on the daily MarketingProf’s email.  It showed the whys and how’s of using direct mail in today’s fast-moving marketing industry.

Do you remember the label placed on direct mail, back in the day, when mail jammed everyone’s mail box? If you guessed junk mail, that is the correct.

Getting back to the Marketing Prof’s Infographic, direct mail is still one of the most trusted, least invasive and most efficient marketing communication channel. In fact, it’s number three, behind print ads and television ads.

Direct Mail? That’s not awesome.

Still, the direct marketing mail business is reporting the volume of mail pieces are still down. Granted, they may never gain the record volumes of direct marketing mail achieved in the early 2000’s, but smart marketers realize direct mail has advantages which are overlooked by others.

For example, they see this great wisdom – as a sign of better planning and direct mail deployment as the norm. A direct marketing mail strategy is used to solve a company’s toughest marketing problems. The word direct, to me and many others, mean direct to the customers mail box.

When you start look at direct mail and marketing, look carefully with an open mind. The underlying reason for this success is a better understanding of what customers want. Customer profiles and better segmentation are good examples to study and potentially have good results.

Direct marketers now have the tools of digital marketing, increasingly more success with data driven marketing. The strategy means direct mailing an optimal amount of mail pieces to reach a company’s toughest prospects, who are the best-qualified, gathers more information and better response. In other words, a mailing which includes good, viable, tested, proven, verified, and qualified prospects.

This idea is worth your direct marketing planning.

If you are a marketing manager today you are under tremendous pressure to generate results. You may have annual quotas, quarterly goals and an increase in competition. Did I forget to mention the tons of disruptive, digital messaging that pop up on our computers and phones?

I hear these challenges all the time from small biz managers and owners. You must mail smart. Eliminate extraneous or questionable prospects from your data base. For example, eliminate people who stopped doing business with you years ago. It means not mailing to customers who generate less profit in a year than you spend to mail to them.

Another shot of reality.

An article in Forbes said their social media metrics data reminds everyone that the social space has a lot of noise. We are living in a disruptive world. Technology is everywhere providing a slew of options and yes, even opportunities.

How much are you willing to pay for unreliability?

Look at the customers in your database. Go to the top of your list and make sure all the customers are in your database. No. make that a CRM because your list of customers need more space and you need to handle more information and data.

Your prospect list needs some space as well. Determine how long prospects have been “hanging” around. Are they likely to become a customer within the next year? If not, remove them now and replace them with prospects that better fit in your active customer profiles.

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