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A solution provider, experienced in direct marketing and mail,

can eliminate a lot of busy work. Just another way to set the table for future customer gains. How does a company know if it is staged for complete success when it comes to direct and digital marketing? What is a good way to identify gaps in strategy, to repair mistakes that testing brought about and what […]

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The Word Design Means More Than Artwork…

it’s a big difference maker in your client acquisition expertise. I’ve read many articles, blog posts and the like since the first of the year. They were on a variety of subjects but the one word that kept entering my thought process was the word design. I am an avid gardener. I use design in […]

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How to keep tabs on your company’s growth by using marketing and advertising running on all cylinders.

Here are ideas from my small business experience which are more than helpful. Stop thinking opens, click troughs and any advertising that interrupts. If your return on the recent advertising campaign has dicey looking results, don’t reenact the campaign hoping for better results. STOP. This just in from According to Princeton psychologists, you have […]

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Ready to get serious about using email?

Email has become what direct mail was called in the last decade: junk mail. “As the article title suggests, when you get serious about creating a good email campaign, email will work if you do it right. When you get sincere, you’ll find email really is a good communication channel.“ What makes email so good? […]

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Ideas are an important element when working in marketing and advertising communications.

If fear blocks your thinking and ideas are harder to come by, you’re in the wrong profession. However, when you find yourself grasping at straws, it’s time to turn the page back in time to kick up your idea generation to another level. The page I recommend you turn to, when you are without enough […]