Ideas are an important element when working in marketing and advertising communications.

If fear blocks your thinking and ideas are harder to come by, you’re in the wrong profession.

However, when you find yourself grasping at straws, it’s time to turn the page back in time to kick up your idea generation to another level.

The page I recommend you turn to, when you are without enough information or resources to generate ideas for the next marketing and advertising program, are always the basics which has served you well.

Marketing and advertising can be a very difficult occupation for most people, except maybe for the top two to three percent in this profession. The rest of us, who drink too much Kool-Aid, it’s not unusual to exaggerate the truth.

Idea Generation.

As you venture into the abyss, to find your basic marketing tools, keep an open mind. If you are like some of the people who test marketing and advertising assumptions, this is a great place to start. And, if you are one of those people, congratulations. If not, put testing in your to-do busy book for 2018, today.

It’s highly recommended to check the websites of associations, such as the Direct Marketing Association and other marketing and advertising organizations that will pop up in your search.

For example, a line that crossed my sight, “Demand creation through advertising — acquisition advertising — remains among the most important ways that a that a company can add consumer sales growth.” Even if demand creation through advertising is not your thing, you’ll get a few ideas to test. Like attraction.


Internet advertising has played a major role in the concept of attraction, which seeks to generate interest among prospects who are not already customers.

I have witnessed too much of this Internet advertising method, which I feel is disruptive, and not sustainable for the budget of a small business. However, test to see if it works for your company.

According to the DMA, nearly four in five people open most of their mail. That’s good attraction. Does this mean your fathers old-fashioned direct mail can also play a part in your marketing and advertising?

Customers and prospects like yourself, consider this type of communication less intrusive than email, which often arrives in floods.

Plus, direct mail is the second most popular form of acquisition advertising behind television. This is not a business-2-business medium, but it can lead to ideas. To be sure, companies will continue to rely on search advertising, in which a company targets current customers mostly online, based on customer profiles.

Multi-Channel or Multi-medium.

By exposing customers to products and services that they might not otherwise know about is even more important. By several estimates, businesses lose 20 to 25% of their clients each year. To compensate, they need to replace them.

People are more apt to open physical mail than one of the many emails they receive. That is a less intrusive form of advertising.

The most effective strategy for demand creation is combining direct mail with other mediums such as internet advertising, to drive traffic to company websites and a special landing page. In addition, direct mail can build brand awareness at a reasonable cost.


More times than not, one medium or channel can do more to increase the response. But always remember – TEST! Need testing ideas for better ideas and results? Testing

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