Ready to get serious about using email?

Email has become what direct mail was called in the last decade: junk mail.

Email has become what direct mail was called in the last decade: junk mail.

As the article title suggests, when you get serious about creating a good email campaign, email will work if you do it right. When you get sincere, you’ll find email really is a good communication channel.

What makes email so good?

Here is a list of a few questions you will need to answer before sending that first promotional email.

  • What contacts are receiving the message?
  • Prospects? Customers? Who’s the target profile?
  • Is it a recently purchased list?
  • Or is it a specific segment in your CRM or database?

Yes, there are many questions that must be answered way before the email delivery date. Some of your customers may respond to direct mail, others through social media, or a website landing page and yes, your email.

Almost everyone has an email address or two. Email has had its ups and downs. Have you recently used an email campaign?  If you answered no, it’s a good idea to get rid of the dust and cobwebs on your email program today. Let’s get started.

Hint: Using email with other channels, such as direct mail, your web site and social media channels, is the norm of today’s marketing and advertising programs, and campaigns.

If you don’t want to go solo, there are many email service companies, to help you get your feet wet and set a course to succeed. But, if you are reading this on Constant Contact, I am a little biased when it comes to using email.

Like to share.

I started using Constant Contact in the early part of the last decade. They have always been helpful.

In 2008 I was able to become a solution provider for Constant Contact. The one big reason I still work with them, is their sharing of content to help all of us learn more how to use email as an advertising tool to enable small businesses growth. I write a blog post for them twice a month, sharing my personal email experiences and helping others with marketing and advertising information.

Stop by their website. If you’re in the market for an email provider, check out what they have to offer. Here are few headlines of Constant Contact content of information they share.

  • Grow Your Business
  • Small Business Email Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2018
  • How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Plan in Minutes
  • Email best Practices

Email was made for B2B lead generating programs.

Let’s say your boss approaches you for a customer retention campaign. Adding a channel or two with email you can tell him, we should expect a better than average return.

Next, the manager of sales wants to know what you think about using email in our lead generation program. You say, “the offer and how precise the email was segmented, is a key point to your sales goal attainment.”

“Do you know what is really cool! If the email drives them to a landing page on our website for additional offers, it is now easy to look at the data provided by the email provider, and determine what we did was right or wrong.

The data from the email provider, such as analysis of click’s and requests from the contacts, enable more developed, concise messages as you move forward in the campaign.”

Always be testing.   

Even a slight change may mean better results or worse yet, poor results. There are many communication channels in the traditional and social media grouping that can have an impact on the customers in your database. Nothing in your marketing and advertising communication options should be set in stone.

Keep talking to your customers and respond to their needs. Listening and testing is one of the greatest skills to hone with your marketing and advertising communications.

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