Your customers and prospects, are bombarded daily…

with advertising material from every direction.

with advertising material from every direction.

Sound familiar? Many advertisers need to reach more customers.

That means on any marketing channel or any HD screen you may have, and yes, even your smart phone.

This leads to decreased attention spans, as well as lower response and conversion rates. More people are shouting discouraging remarks on every popup appearing on the screens of many users.

As a result, your marketing and advertising efforts may go unnoticed and the advertising budget is wasted. But these same challenges create opportunities for smart marketers, like the ones reading this post.

Let’s talk about traditional medias such as direct mail.

Your marketing team must find ways to grab a customers’ attention. By that, I mean strengthening traditional channels like a direct mail piece, similar content in an email, landing pages in unison and any social media channel that will most likely find some prospects.

Even if you have a sales team of none or one, making phone calls, using the high points in the copy, enhancing the tantalizing offers. A great use of the advertising tactics from the latest marketing program or campaign.

A successful integrated channel approach requires analyzing customer data, then using some of the key points found in future tests, to learn better uses in all the marketing channels, working toward maximum impact in future marketing and advertising programs. ​

How did we arrive at this point?

It’s no secret that companies are spending less time with traditional marketing materials and more with digital. However, that doesn’t mean focus should be shifted to one area. After all, multi-channel is the key driver to spread your marketing message across a broader area of prospective customers, additionally to create a wider awareness and revenue.

Both traditional and digital marketing are necessary to reach the best prospects and encourage customers to make another purchase or two. The ideal mix of the communication channels are not static. In fact, analyzing data and arriving at a few solutions, is an opportunity you can’t afford to lose. If you want better results, you need better data.

Knowing what your prospects may like and what customers prefer is essential to determining that optimal mix. Great data paired with insightful analytics optimizes marketing efforts for every channel, ensuring that the right customers are found where and when they want to be reached.

Casting a huge net may seem like a good method for grabbing a large quantity of leads across today’s plethora of channels, but smart marketers need to focus on finding quality, high-value prospects to maximize marketing spend.

Spreading a wide area on potential revenue simply reels in low-value customers. This increases the chance of wasting direct marketing expenditures and leads to many missed opportunities.

Stay on course.

Efficient modeling based on data and intelligent analytics allows marketers to focus on high-value customers and prospects in preferred channels.

Also important to multi-channel marketing success is staying consistent in branding, messaging, and creative, as well as analyzing buyer and prospect behavior across all channels to customize the purchasing journey.

To strengthen all areas of an organizations marketing strategy, your marketing team must use each tactic or channel, in areas that complement the others. This requires not only knowing each marketing role thoroughly, but also knowing how to tie them all together efficiently.

Once an optimized multi-channel campaign is up and running, it’s important to keep an eye on the future. This means doing some regression analysis. Using dependent and independent variables to test what worked and what didn’t. Future campaigns can be adapted and optimized to increase conversions and boost ROI.

Here’s a post on testing which may add a few ideas for your marketing and advertising.

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