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How to avoid data problems and…

learn more what your customer’s need. Data analytics and data evaluation is such a powerful force within a company’s marketing program when it’s used correctly. But, every day, it seems like we are seeing or hearing that customer data is even more powerful in the wrong hands. As the data infringement between Facebook and Cambridge […]

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How to make your advertising and sales team take off the boxing gloves…

and in return, increase your revenue. I look at marketing as being everything leadership can do to make money by selling goods or services. In my way of thinking, advertising is a tactical tool and a subsection of marketing. Selling (sales) is also a subsection of marketing. I link direct marketing and customer-centric marketing strategies […]

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Today, What Does “Marketing” Imply to You?

Do you consider marketing is advertising? How would you answer these two questions as it pertains to your business? Let me set the table for the answers I am looking for as they relate to your business. Simply, in the last thirty-five years in the business-to business (B2B) marketplace, I look at marketing as being […]

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Low Price and Intrusion…

Two elements of marketing that will influence doing business every single day. Let’s start with the one element, low price. Being around for generations, low price is a tough one to handle when it hits your marketing and advertising activities. Do you have to sell at a lower cost to keep the doors open? Does […]