How to make your advertising and sales team take off the boxing gloves…

and in return, increase your revenue.

and in return, increase your revenue.

I look at marketing as being everything leadership can do to make money by selling goods or services. In my way of thinking, advertising is a tactical tool and a subsection of marketing. Selling (sales) is also a subsection of marketing.

I link direct marketing and customer-centric marketing strategies as the two main strategies for sustained growth and revenue in most companies.

Presently, the two terms, advertising and sales, in my marketing world are interchangeable.

My marketing definition of advertising – is an audio (podcast or video) or a visual form of marketing communication that employs a sponsored message (social media, webinar, websites) to promote and sell a product, service or skillful ideas by many businesses or organizations.

Sales – an exchange of a commodity or service, at a price to obtain a good or a service. And, yes, they both are a subset of marketing.

What brought on my sudden interest in sales and marketing?

In a Monday morning email from ClickZ’ was an article titled, “4 reasons to align your sales and marketing teams.”

“Your company’s marketing and sales teams don’t have to work apart. They may focus on different goals, but they still need to report on how their KPI’s (key performance indicators) are linked to the business goals. That’s how they can both benefit by working closer together.”

I do not disagree with that thought. In fact, it’s a question that has crossed my path frequently. In any company, it’s everyone’s business to help the company grow and reach their growth goals.

Here’s the caveat.

Returning back to their article, “According to Ranstad1, 80% of businesses recognize the multiple benefits of aligning sales and marketing. This is really encouraging for a future that more companies will break down the silos among teams.

However, it has also been observed in the same report that 60% of the companies still are not bringing the teams together.”

ClickZ idea and post is not new. I was told in so many ways, is that sales and marketing don’t mix. They are like water and oil. I’m amazed that 60% number is still so high.

ClickZ’s 4 reasons for alignment

  1. Shared vision.
  2. Facing the challenges together.
  3. Improving communication and learning from each other.
  4. Meeting the targets and improving efficiency.

When I compare Click Z’s reasons for alignment with my information, there are quite a few reasons that prove sales and marketing must be aligned to keep the lights on for many companies struggling to meet sales and growth goals.

As you can imagine, there are usually many answers to the question. One of the most common processes when a company is scrambling to sell anything, they tend to hire another sales man or woman. What will really happen is another paycheck to drain more cash.

The company leadership is using a bandaid to close a much deeper wound. Within many of the reports I prepare for companies using our Mcg-eVal.u.ate program, I build a variety of scenarios that can help leadership realize an increase in revenue in the short term. I never hesitate recommending putting sales with advertising. Plus, there are a variety of ideas that will help them build realistic goals when moving forward.

For additional information on sales and marketing , check out our direct marketing strategy: Marketing and sales is a great one-two punch for success.


I agree that marketing, advertising and sales are undergoing a makeover. If marketing becomes a pal of sales, they will help many companies become better marketers. Advertising is not only difficult now but hated by many who find most ads repulsive and disruptive.

On a side note.

Residing in the state of Illinois, we had our government party elections on March 20th. The Republican incumbent, Bruce Rauner and the Democratic, JB Pritzker, spent over $65 million dollars on their campaign according to the Chicago Tribune. That’s a form of advertising that most people hate.

Randstad1 is a global leader in the HR services industry.

Article by ClickZ

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