How to avoid data problems and…

learn more what your customer’s need.

learn more what your customer’s need.

Data analytics and data evaluation is such a powerful force within a company’s marketing program when it’s used correctly.

But, every day, it seems like we are seeing or hearing that customer data is even more powerful in the wrong hands.

As the data infringement between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica is playing out right before our very own eyes, we are finding first hand there is nothing more damaging when you find out your personalized data was compromised.

Whatever you call it. Hacked. Sold to another. Hijacked. On and on your data goes from one hand to another. It’s not an experience anyone should go through.

The data company Cambridge Analytica stands accused of gathering people’s Facebook data through misrepresenting what it was for and, in the case of millions of users, without their consent.

A few of the facts.

In an article I read, “How Does Cambridge Analytica Flap Compare with Obama’s Campaign Tactics?”, conservatives have drawn parallels between the work of Cambridge Analytica to the data operation of the Obama campaign in 2008 and 2012.

Let it be noted, the following information was extrapolated from Wikipedia and the article mentioned above, and from National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition, Sunday, March 25th, 2018. Lourdes “Lulu” Garcia-Navarro as the host of National Public Radio’s NPR’s talks with Betsy Hoover, the online organizing director for Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign.

In a conversation from the above-mentioned article, this is Betsy Hoover speaking: “We also, though, knew that most voters, something like 97% of the U.S. electorate, could be reached if everyone who was following Barack Obama on Facebook shared a piece of content.”

Garcia-Navarro: “Wow. Ninety-seven percent?”

Betsy Hoover: “Yeah. And so that’s a super powerful tool. They, the Dem’s (democrats), had approval of using that Facebook data.

You can give your data away on the Internet, and companies and campaigns and lots of organizations are going to use it in a variety of ways. But it is important that you know where your data’s going, and that’s part of being, I think, educated Internet users.”


The customer data we talk and read about in our direct-2-customer marketing models, uses a variety of marketing strategies and tactics to enable our client’s to capture some of their customer’s data. In turn, our clients receive information about their customer’s intensions through analytics and the capability of updating their latest customer information. Start with the easy data like segmentation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with your data collected.

Yes, customer data analytics and data evaluations can help you gain a better view of your customers. However, many companies do not take the time to gain as much as they possibly could. Why? Maybe they are not sure how, don’t have the time, or the company’s management just prefers their marketing team don’t waste time on such a trivial thing such as data. After all, anyone can buy a list from data brokers.

On our website, DMCM, there is an offer for you on using our Mcg-e.Val.u.ate for new and existing customers for evaluating some or all of your marketing and advertising programs. Go to our website and scroll down to the learn more” bar and click.

Make your selection in the “contact us” form and email them to We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have about our direct-2-customer marketing model and the importance of caring for your customer data.

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