5 Strong Marketing Experiences to Kick Up Your Response Rate and…

and steal more customers away from the competition.

and steal more customers away from the competition.

Imagine if you were able to accelerate your message frequency to customers and boost response by adding some of the strategic marketing in direct and customer-centric marketing?

Then, imagine directly reaching customers online – with a dash from traditional marketing – but at a much higher frequency of touches by building and writing relevant marketing messages.

Learn how to study your marketing data that makes sense for your company and use your results as a lifeblood for aggressive sales growth. You know that segmenting marketing data can guide a specific message to like-minded buyers. How to create data driven digital marketing with ideas from traditional marketing by using multi-channels.

Maybe you’ve thought of testing marketing segments, but time slips away. It’s not a dream. Let me explain.

If you are a small business-to-business company with 500 or less employees, you should grab the bull by the horns and build a multi-channel marketing platform to grab a fair share of big corporates customers. Stealing a few customers from your competition is also within reason. If that’s your goal, before you start the customer segment project, read the following next 5 points on customer acquisition.

1.  Don’t waste time on building a strategy.

No, this is not a joke. The best strategies I recommend at the beginning of this post, direct and customer-centric marketing strategies, where developed for company growth. The direct marketing strategy means a message is sent directly to a customer. A customer-centric approach means you know something about your customers to deliver a relevant message. Makes sense, right?

Start tinkering with each strategy as such and you’ll experience first-hand the two strategies working together in great unison. There are many articles on this blog to help you stay on the right path for success. Here’s a link from an earlier post for strategy vs tactics. 

2.  Use a silicon emollient that keeps your marketing running on all 5 cylinders.

Data, data analytics, and data management are the work horses that hold the marketing platform together. If you don’t understand data, find someone who does understand marketing data. There are more people available today who understand and can interpret marketing data than two or three years ago. Check out this post for some ideas.

Start and stay simple in your quest to understand customer data. Stay on course and avoid trying to do more until you have a full grip of the data you recently assembled. The more you know, the more your campaign will grow.

3.  There are many advertising channels to choose from.

If you feel there is a lack of customer data, start simple, test and learn from your existing customers. Test your ideas using the phone to talk to a select group of your best customers and traditional direct mail to reach other contacts. Direct mail is usually a great place to start data collection because everyone has a mailbox.

Add email to the mix of direct mail. Using the Pareto Principal, 80% of mail addresses have an email address. If you start out with direct mail, use a simple landing page or simply a website “contact us” page to capture email addresses from those who have followed your path.

Eventually, you’ll have enough information and data, which will make multi-channel your double-digit marketing response of choice.

4.  Besides having an address, use direct marketing mail techniques, specifically creating offers.

Most if not all direct marketing professionals have a very strong motivation gene in their DNA to go after the consumer tooth and nail. For instance, they write powerful copy. Again, search this blog for a few articles on copywriting or contact me directly using our email, answerme@dmcm.net.

Direct marketers know they need an offer no one can refuse. Bring them in with dazzling design which pulls the reader into the mail piece. Some of us say frequency of messages is like finding a pot of gold, especially if you can do it below budget!

5.  Customers like to play coy.

In today’s economy, prospective customers don’t want to be sold to. Customers can decide where, when, and how they want to interact with your company. They want to make their own decisions. This decision could be in two weeks or two months before they make a purchase or not.

With the capability of better web searches, social media and even communication with business associates, there is literally a mountain of information available for a customer to gather. That’s a big reason frequency is an important direct marketing tactic used successfully with multi-channel communications.

Cross-selling and multi-channel communications get a better response. It even makes your customer service better. The list of accolades for a great customer information and list data is lengthy.

Customers that receive relevant messages tend to respond. Revenue increases with every marketing campaign. Add as much information as possible to your database. Data is the key for better business and more business for the future. Start today.

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