Here’s how to use a secret B2B marketing code…

that keeps you growing and growing.

that will keep you growing and growing.

Your customers and even a few prospects can be influenced to purchase your goods through a variety of marketing channels. There’s email, a call-to-action on a website, text messaging, LinkedIn, and direct mail. It’s always recommended to use the channel of choice favored by the people you want to read your message.

Email marketing, as a communication channel in use today, comes highly recommended for B2B marketing and sales organizations. Lately, I hear talk about too much spam, fewer people opening their email, or just cherry pick the emails to open and read.

Most if not all businesses today have a website. Along with the website, corporate email is a given. So, where does email come into play?

Why email?

There is a lot of abuse regarding email addresses. Besides spam, many people who promise they won’t share an email address, do. What makes a good B2B marketing campaign in today’s digital market? Share your email with other channels of communication.

For instance, let’s say that a lot of lead time is the norm required to get a new customer. Sending an un-welcome email is usually not a smart move. Aggravate the wrong person with an unwanted email, such as the same one he received 3 months prior, you’ll likely, no you will lose your place in line.

When starting a quest  for new customers, play by the rules. Having prospects opt-in to your email database is a good rule to abide by. Adding another communication channel into the mix is a great idea.

Email and direct mail is made for B2B.

For example, direct mail is one of the safest communication channels to get the information needed for an introduction of your company’s products and services. Aligned with email, you’ll find another communication channel to increase opens and response. Be patient. Your time is well spent on learning more about the companies you contact, and their needs.

In yore of the old days, maybe 2007, email and direct mail started to team together with some forward-thinking companies. Tying the World Wide Web using landing pages and call-to-action tools of direct marketing, these companies where getting additional responses from the contacts in their data base. Company personnel started smiling more with better open and response results using simple segmentation and better use of their database.

4by4 Communicate Marketing Model

We have published a ton of newsletters on direct marketing and mail. Many of today’s successful B2B campaigns are using a variety of strategies in direct marketing, direct response, customer-centric, data driven, websites and landing pages, social media, digital marketing and a variety of communication channels to reach contacts and turn them into customers.

Sharing the 4by4 Communicate marketing model not only adds more opens and responses, it’s a good way to grow many small businesses to mid-size B2B companies.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, for companies that use direct mail with email, give a shout out to us with your results or comments below.

You’ll find over a hundred posts in the last two years that can teach you more about B2B marketing. I can be reached at or 800.251.3608.

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