If you are looking for a better way to keep your data clean…

remind yourself you’ll have more customers, and not less.

remind yourself you’ll have more customers, and not less.

How, you may ask?

  • Generate more leads.
  • Converting prospects into leads.
  • Rekindle past customers.
  • Better timing of your next promotional tactic.
  • Higher revenue.

I know what you’re thinking, you read that mantra way too many times. But, if you do some research, you’ll find more business owners or managers agree. Here’s how.

“There are 4 letters, all capped as well, that if you comply, you’ll not go hell.”

If you hold and process personal information of clients, employees, or suppliers residing in the EU, you are legally obligated by the GDPR to protect that information.

Let’s go back to your company data.

Data, when compared to now and ten years ago is quite different. Except for one thing. There may be more data available but when it comes to analyzing and recording data, it was always put on the back burner. Well, the back burner ran out of fuel and no more fill-ups are available.

  • Are you delaying customer analysis because you’re not sure how you would react to your company data?
  • Do you think it consumes too much valuable time? If you consider time is money, you can now remove your head from the sand.
  • If you are using customer data analysis, what is the one thing you would do differently?
  • Data today is closer to hitting a much narrower target with a modest relevant message. The result we see daily is disruptive advertising.
  • When incorporating digital marketing into your present marketing program, you’ll find there are many more channels at your disposal.
  • How will you use them?

Disposal is one of those words with more than one meaning. As used above, the meaning is a special arrangement or positioning of something. That seems to work well with multi-channel in digital marketing.

If your sales team still shies away from data analytics, but more specifically recording data into your CRM, your team is using the wrong definition of disposal.

Start looking at stats.

Data analysis is like milking a cow outdoors in January in Wisconsin. You never know how much you’ll get until you do it. I recommend you start slowly looking at data analytics. You’ll quickly find out even the smallest amount of data analysis can be leveraged for a better response rate.

Statistical analysis that used to be seen only in the world of insurance and finance are now being leveraged by larger marketing departments. They need better ways to measure and understand their data, fine tune their analysis, and learn a bit more about their customers. Don’t get bogged down trying to emulate these larger companies. They have a lot more money to spend than you or your company do.

Look at your social marketing data and even analyze your email stats. Just about anything you use to promote your business has data for you to analyze – so do it and then record it. You can thank me later.

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