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on using marketing and advertising in the first six months of 2018.

Website advertising. Whenever on the web, a mouse click away takes you somewhere else. But this time, an advertisement appeared, and takes 10 seconds away from your time left on earth. Low and behold the advertisement was another attack on your privacy. Will this ad in the middle of the screen lead to a lead for the paid advertiser? Not a chance. Especially a sports fan checking game scores of their favorite team or a potential trade or injury status. This is another form of disruptive advertising to the nth degree!!

Taken from the experts of our minds as true. “According to Princeton psychologists, you have one-tenth of a second to make a first impression.” The quote above appeared in a blog post, “How to keep tabs on your company’s growth by using marketing and advertising running on all cylinders” on January 17th. One-tenth of a second. Seriously?

Dillydally techniques and phrases. Dillydally is known as wasting time. In any business, time wasted, is money lost. Who or what is the dillydally at your place of work? When you get down to business, you’ll be amazed what you find.

Marketing and advertising must do better.” We must improve our response, awareness and get more customers. Then someone raised her hand and said, “Where do we start? In the beginning? Should we have a better marketing and advertising plan to guide us? It’s the time to evaluate the two most important words in attracting more business. Marketing and advertising.

Maybe it’s in the branding. A voice from your brain within reminds you, “striving for more business awareness? Is the company’s branding efforts correct?” If suddenly the team leader is worried about your correct branding, that’s like putting the horse before the cart. What about awareness? Ask the horse. Or is business growth stalled once again in the barn? Get the muck out.

A ton of opportunities. For many marketing and advertising people, there are so many opportunities to help one succeed, but what really works? If they try something new and get the same results, they usually learn that their marketing budget is extremely precarious. Or if a company decides to play “follow the leaders” they must have the same deep pockets and don’t give a $@%^. Check with the horse but watch your step.

“Old style sales advice revolved” around the mantra of “Always be Closing” and although the world has changed in terms of sales conversion tactics, the need to generate new business leads has remained constant. We now live in the digital age and many aspects of marketing have been automated, the ability to deliver a great sales pitch for your business, is still a core skill needed by every business owner.” Thanks to Daniel Watson, from across the pond, for his insight on selling.

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