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Effective team building in your business marketing starts with each employee and your effective leadership…

and their willingness to learn, some by trial and error.

Marketing, advertising and sales people are usually a good mix with a sharp skill set of customer knowledge. They usually have different diverse personalities and work styles. But patience is a trait they all need when working with other team members. Some pointers from my experience with good leadership teams show patience, self-control, calm, have good collaborative skills, and adhere to all scheduled work projects and deadlines and keep them on track.

Next, each team member must have the capability to work well with others and regarded by your colleagues as an effective team player. This can lead to higher compensation and promising career opportunities.

Must be flexible.

Face it, marketing is not a walk in the park. Learn to roll with the punches. Learn more about marketing, advertising and sales. More than likely you are dealing with people. Depending on the day of the week, morning, afternoon and dinner time, there may be something else more important to that person, and in seconds, will shut you out of their mind.

A marketing team member must know the importance of trends and what is working today. Go to marketing presentations or webinars. Read daily blogs and other sources of information on what’s up in marketing, advertising and sales. Study how your competitors are using marketing and sales. Look closer at your industry. Test marketing ideas.

Industry knowledge.

If anyone on your team is lacking industry experience, ask an employee with extensive industry knowledge, and is willing to share this knowledge with the team. Leadership will share how your company works with customers. That’s an advantage for everyone involved with teamwork.

Establish trust.

People buy from people. Before that may happen, there must be a level of trust with them and your company product. I write about trust a lot. Just stop at my blog, do a search and select a few posts to read. You’ll see what I mean. People who talk with me or read my content on a regular basis, know I am trustworthy in my business skill set.

Summary of short ideas you may want in your marketing team.

If you are a small business owner or the marketing manager of one, and if you think that –

  1. Marketing cost big bucks you don’t have.
  2. Marketing success is potluck at best.
  3. As soon as you figure out how to use a marketing channel, something else comes along that you must have.
  4. The competition has a bigger marketing budget – we can’t match or fight it.
  5. We tried to add another sales person, but the only business she brought in was her failed promises.
  6. There is no such thing as an affordable marketing partner for our business.

In my world, these six points are changeable. Let’s talk. “I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you have about marketing teamwork.”

What makes me different is I take time to learn about you, your company, the industry, your employees and the marketing campaigns in the past. If you are lacking a client needs focus, we’ll develop one together free for the asking. Here are two posts you will find

8 Trust-Building Strategies to Build Your Business

There are many articles on marketing that imply a solution…

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