8 Ideas to Increase Customer Engagement Using Landing Pages with…

A Direct or Digital Marketing Strategy.

A Direct or Digital Marketing Strategy.

Google analytics was the culprit that gave us the term, “landing page.

In the direct response and mail strategy we preferred “call-to-action” page. Our copywriters love any word in an advertising piece that inspires the readers “to-do-it now.”

Sorry about sharing my memories with you, but if you want customer action, it pays to think like a direct marketer or direct response professional.

According to Wikipedia, a landing page, sometimes known as a “lead capture page” or a “lander”, or a “destination page”, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement

When you think about your website, having a video mindset is important.

Today’s websites are easier to build, are capable of making quick changes and creating customer journeys to provide you good data analysis ideas using your products and services.

For example, does your B2B website home page elicit emotion? If so, this may be the page to capture more information specific to the customer’s needs with a call-to-action. This sign-up landing page is similar in its dedication to uncluttered design, but it’s much more simplistic in terms of what it offers. There are very limited options available on this page: sign up or log in.

Do your services and product pages educate the visitor? A content marketing program in B2B keeps the information flowing and provides additional copy for your website. To keep your site uncluttered, use similar copy, photos, testimonials and similar design patterns on the website, then into a presentation. Select presentation options such as face-to-face, or a webinar, a trade show, or a Q and A for invited guests.

If you are lacking a blog, now is not the time to procrastinate. Having blog posts should inform, educate, presented as an industry solution provider, and deliver value.

In marketing speak, landing pages were created for the specific purpose of driving conversions.

A landing page, in conjunction with direct marketing using postal mail or email, allows your customers to access web pages that speak directly to them. It’s a great tool for integrating offline and online messages to increase the effectiveness of your direct marketing campaigns.

Here are a few tips from our Direct Marketing handbook to help you create a landing page that gets the most out of marketing and digital technology.

1. Include a call-to-action. Create a sense of urgency or immediacy—give them a reason to buy or act now! Force the action, response, or purchase to occur now, rather than later or not at all. It’s obvious, but it can easily be overlooked as the campaign is developed. Don’t hide the call to action; make sure it is in plain view.

2.Use appropriate design elements. The design of the call-to-action page can influence the reader’s perception of the offer’s urgency. Use a variety of symbols and even reverse copy blocks to say “Hurry.” Include links to other pages if you need more space to explain a complicated product or to expound on the offer. You want to get the reader’s attention and to make sure they understand the product’s or service’s features and benefits. However, keep the page simple and to the point.

3.Don’t request too much information. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes—there is nothing more off-putting than a request for excessive personal information. You got them this far with the call-to-action, so don’t risk losing a sale by requiring information that you don’t really need. Now.

4.Remove visual distractions. People tend to add unnecessary images to digital marketing. It’s like having too many call-to-actions on the same page—you must be careful not to distract the reader from the main goal. Remember, “less is more.”

5.Copywriting is a profession.It’s important to maintain consistent messaging between the source and the landing page. Your copy must be strong to action and keywords used in your industry. Every landing page needs a unique selling proposition (or USP). What will this page do for your visitors that they won’t find anywhere else? Once you build your USP, weave it into the headline and grab your visitors’ attention from the get-go.

Once you know how to build or update a USP, use it as source for creating the headline, email subject line, content marketing and grab your visitors’ attention right from the start. The first link, added to the end of the post on how to build one.

6.Good headlines are like money in the bank! Headlines are vital to the success of any advertising, but it’s especially important for direct marketing. When you see the word “headline” it’s not just meant for newspapers, direct mail or articles or a blog post like this one. Headlines are meant to gather attention and draw the reader into the content.

Headlines are ideal for an email subject line to draw your reader into additional content. In direct mail, it’s the hook within the copy that may lead immediately to an offer. Twitter may only limit your characters to a Tweet, but a carefully worded headline in Twitter will catch a reader’s eye and click on the link to investigate what’s in it for them.

When you use direct marketing in communications that are all digital, pay careful attention to the hook, a headline that is meant to create an action. After all, all marketing is direct! Check out the second post on creating headlines below.

7.Get to the point – quickly. Keep the landing page clean. Shorten the copy, limit design, less photos and everything else you may want to add, don’t, when creating a landing page and a call-to-action. Once the visitor clicks to the landing page, the call-to-action must pull the reader in to enter their email address, phone number or whatever you need to get the ball rolling. This is where your USP comes in handy for creating another bit of copy.

You can have fun with direct marketing in the traditional and digital worlds—combine tricks and tactics, work with benefits, and motivate your readers to consider something new. The goal is the same, to create more effective direct marketing and increase revenue.

8.Landing pages are quite the accomplice to direct and digital marketing. They get visitors the exact information they need to say yes and demonstrate how easy it is to place an order. A direct marketing strategy and powerful copy, can make a buying experience more enjoyable for the customer and measure the effectiveness of different advertisements, copy or design with a landing page. The more you know, the more you’ll grow.

Plus, it can capture a customer’s email address. Give the reader a little incentive, or an offer of value, to capture an email. Don’t get greedy, just go for one and you’ll capture more later.

Remember direct marketing’s ABT – “Always Be Trying or either it’s Always Be Testing. Either one will work for you, so give ABT a try.

“What is the unique reason “why” a potential customer should change their mind and choose your company?” What is your answer?

“What is the unique reason “why” a potential customer should change their mind and choose your company?”

How to Write Seven Types of Headlines That Sell

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