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How to Create A Marketing Mission Statement…

that will get you closer to your customers.

Somewhat different from the corporate mission statement, the marketing mission statement focuses on a marketing planning purpose.

Think of your marketing mission as a focus of what customers need and want. To answer this question, you need to use a marketing capture tool, one that enables your employees to learn how to build a community of customers. We recommend utilizing a customer-centric marketing strategy and use it as an assistant marketing capture tool.

Here’s why. It has been proven, there is a direct correlation between customer retention and employee retention. Listen closely the next time you need to call customer support. If they provided the correct solution, you probably felt great. If not, you end the call with no assurance your problem will be solved.

When creating a customer-centric marketing strategy for your business, the customer is in the center of your marketing focus. People don’t buy products or services – they buy solutions. In this black and white photo, the few customers in the center, is just a start.

Where to start? Increase communication with your customers by asking them a few key questions about how satisfied they are with a recent purchase. If the caller is not a customer, an employee must try to engage them in a conversation. They should use an offer such as a coupon, a percentage off the regular price to try your company’s products and services. Even when a customer service rep talks to a customer, they can make similar offers and collect more customer data at the same time. Such as:

  1. Did the product arrive when stated?
  2. Was the packaging up to their satisfaction?
  3. Then ask them, “Could you please answer five short questions in our customer satisfaction survey?
  4. If they hesitate, “I’ll send a survey to your email address at …………………………………?”

As you proceed with creating a marketing focus on employee productivity, use internal service values, aligned with the tools that deliver value to the customer. Having “a little skin in the game” by collecting and analyzing customer data, employees feel better about their job description, which leads to increased value for the customer.


According to Webster, the word plan is an intention or decision about what one is going to do. A marketing and advertising plan will enable your employees to assist with company solutions, increase ideas and reach their monthly company goals.

“Think of your marketing mission as a focus of what customers want and expect.”

The customer information is the center of your CRM or database. All your products and services must meet customer needs. Stop and think about the quote above. Now place a customer in your shoes by asking more questions.

  • How do you decide to purchase a product or service, comparable in pricing and some resemblance of similarity?
  • Was it price sensitive?
  • Did it come in different colors?
  • How was the service?
  • After your purchase what did you think about our customer service?
  • What was the most important aspect of our service?

Email your customer’s and ask them what they think about your company service or product? Their answers will probably show you are already doing a form of customer-centric marketing. In fact, it’s the one marketing strategy, that pinpoints the many reasons on how to retain and acquire new customers. The information will fit a marketing mission statement as well

If you agree, now you have a better idea on the importance of planning. Plus, you learned how a marketing mission statement can keep you closer to your customers and marketplace.

Get involved!!! Answer the four questions below and send them back to me for a FREE Q&A session.

  1. Review the definition of the product or service you are planning to market. Send it along with your other answer.
  2. What is your business purpose?
  3. Why does your business exist?
  4. What do you hope to achieve? Increased awareness? To capture a specific new market? Or, “to make a profit.”

Our marketing mission statement is to keep you reading and learning.
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Mike Deuerling, aka MarketingDoc
Marketing Communications Group, Inc.

2 replies on “How to Create A Marketing Mission Statement…”

Thanks for these tips, Mike! I feel like a lot of marketing professionals out there are adding customer-centricity as a buzzword or something to satisfy their bosses. Instead, for a lot of companies, it should be a central component of their marketing mission.

You are correct. When we switched from an advertising agency to a direct marketing agency, I thought teaching a firm to learn more about their customers was a no brainer. However, the attention span was a bit too long, and many firms returned to a one to all and hope for the best. The best response for a direct mail campaign was less than 1%. Today, collecting customer data is easy, if you know where to look. The hard part is understanding the data. Which means, the person in the corner office blurts out, “let us try disruptive advertising.”
Thanks Val. Any questions? Here or

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