Marketing goals are based on past customer experiences.

Learn how to create marketing goals when a customizing a direct marketing strategy. 

Learn how to create marketing goals when a customizing a direct marketing strategy. 

The why and how you need to begin today.

Marketing goals should be determined by what the company has achieved through customer experiences.

Marketing goals are the results we want to achieve with marketing planning. Goals need to include measurable, quantified objectives.

Properly defined goals become the foundation for the evaluation and control phases of marketing planning. To be effective, goals must be realistic. It is wishful thinking to say, “Product A will increase total sales by 70%,” when a 20% increase would be more realistic. There is no reason for BS. Stay true to your goals and work hard learning how they become a reality.

For example, some believe the easiest way to get from point A in a company’s marketing program to point B, is digital advertising tactics(s), which can be as simple as using your favorite credit card for payment. The only one who likes that move, is the credit card company.

The problem, without a plan, is the advertising tactics are more miss than hit. Without a written marketing strategy, it’s easy to stumble into that hole in the ground, and likely never see your money again.

Here are a few ideas to help you design a creative marketing strategy and goals for your company.

But first, in case you missed it, here’s more information on a creative direct marketing strategy:  5 facts you should know about building a direct marketing strategy that works.

Attracting attention for many small business products and services is extremely important for making money. Now, more than ever, disrupted advertising carves the marketing/advertising budget down to size quickly. What needs to be done, is to build reachable goals with a direct marketing strategy that works.

This post will show you how to create a direct path to your customers. The path is built following our checklist, questions for you to answer, and leading you to potential improved resources. Start out by listing your company highlights.

Company Highlights

Briefly describe how the company has evolved to this point—focus on three or four of the most important events.





Your first attraction to get the attention of your target buyers may be your company logo, the corporate colors and your tagline. When you designed your company “look,” does it define the type of business you are marketing today?

Is it friendly or austere?  Do you offer bargains or firm pricing?  Are your company colors and logo a reflection of your business personality?


Before you jump to any conclusions, start thinking strategically. What did you learn creating your design selections? More than likely, you’ll have a base of ideas you discussed in the design process of your company brand. Are they still on target?

Creative direct marketing strategies outline a broad plan of action that best uses the organization’s resources to achieve a marketing goal. For example, a goal can be the response rate of a certain message or offer. Have the advertising promotions lived up to or exceeded your response rate? Did any fail your response target? Substantiated your proposed customer profiles? How often will the customers make a purchase?

Did the advertising tactics satisfy your customer’s expectations?


  1. Is your company using the best method for marketing segmentation? Explain your method in detail.


  1. Has it developed accurate profiles of each target segment? List all.


  1. Describe the company’s positioning and marketing mix for each target segment.


  1. How are marketing resources allocated to the major elements in the marketing mix?


  1. Does your company perform research about marketplace developments interviewing customers, prospects, distributors, competitors, suppliers and various associations meeting your expectations?


  1. What methods are being used for market measurement and sales forecasting?

The value of using a direct marketing strategy.

Direct marketing strategies are the specific actions taken by the organization to communicate with the select primary target groups. The very nature of a direct marketing strategy is to get your marketing message to a prospect and customer, read, and acted upon.

If you are a new company, you can add a market penetration strategy, for your present product, having a goal of obtaining X number of customers, per a given time. Your tactics may be more effective (relevant messages) and an increase in the frequency of sending the message, equaling more response.

If your company is past the growing strain, you should consider a market expansion strategic goal with your direct marketing strategy. For example, an ability to obtain more customers from new targets and markets. Use your segmentation methods and customer profile skills to learn more about what your customers need and provide solutions for a variety of customer problems.

In theory, a marketing strategy must be carefully designed to meet a marketing goal based on the demands from your prospects and customer base – and realistic.


Look closer at your current strategies. Are marketing resources allocated optimally to the major elements of the marketing mix? Is your company using the best basis for marketing segmentation? Have you developed accurate profiles of each target segment? Can you meet and/or exceed all your business goals?

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