A B2B Customer Acquisition Program Shall Never End –

the Key is How to Keep the Customer Acquisition Program Good As New.

the key is how to keep the customer acquisition program good as new.

Customer acquisition is a never-ending project most B2B companies, if not all, as they struggle for getting the anticipated results. So, it stands to reason that time spent takes a great deal of time to attract the attention of viable prospects and make an initial sale.

The work force of today’s B2B businesses need a lot of customer and prospects information to help them do a better job at acquiring and keeping customers. Many companies provide educational and instruction courses on and off line for their marketing and sales employees. That may sound good when your team is at the starting gate, but the energy usually starts to wain at a point somewhere within the first ninety days.

So, before you dive into your next customer acquisition project, do you have a strategy? Goals for each project? Those who dive right into the pool without a strategy or goals, suddenly realize there’s no water in the pool. Or, follow along what your competitors are doing and hope for the best? If so, maybe, take two aspirins for that headache

Earlier this year, I posted a blog containing more ideas for a customer acquisition platform. 

Let’s look at a communication channel with a marketing strategy.

“Direct mail today — a $46 billion market — is built primarily on the thesis that if you carpet bomb the United States with mail, you’re going to collect some customers. It worked, but it’s also not relevant and respectful for many customers you touch.” ClickZ post, 10.1.18

However, direct mail is relevant for many B2B firms. They open their mail and usually share it with others in a variety of departments within the company.  Check out a few successful marketing projects on blogs, associations, trade shows serving your industry.

Study a variety of marketing strategies and advertising tactics, to help you start a new era of marketing and advertising strategy for client acquisition.

Direct marketing and mail strategy go hand in hand. Here’s another helpful link from our blog, “Five Facts You Should Know About Building a Strategy That Works”.

When advertising ideas are becoming harder to come by, here are three resources for better customer acquisition ideas.  The three are ideas, attraction, and multi-channel or multi-media.


Gather a collection of current day-to-day advertising materials and meet with your team to start planning a strategic campaign based on new ideas.

I always remind people to look at the sources created when you were a new employee. Share the information you collected with the marketing and advertising team which may help generate new ideas. It’s not the number of ideas but to some degree, the time spent with the team is important.


For a marketing attraction to succeed you need what form of content? That’s correct if you said Informational articles that will help our customers getting full benefit of our products and services.

As found in many successful B2B companies, their acquisition strategies have goals, objectives and data analysis. Data comes in many forms that will help you determine customer profiles, features and benefits. The key is tying content to meet more specific needs of prospects and customers.

Multi-channel or multi-media.

Multi-channel communication in B2B, is becoming more relevant when you want to reach as many people as possible. In fact, an Email hosting company, MailChimp has developed a program using email and direct mail postcards.

Digital marketing may have some value, but the use of disruption is annoying and loose attraction. For example, the latest info from PebblePost, “86% of consumers take the time to look through the mail. It doesn’t interrupt the user experience. They report it’s 400x more effective than digital display.”


In a B2B industry, the digital comments noted above are accurate. If your company is B2B, your communication channel of choice is direct mail. I would also recommend email. A third channel could be your website. Landing pages with video, call-to-actions, a blog and a variety of pertinent content, will keep your customers looking for more!

That is the power of multi-channel communications!

Thanks for reading and please share with others – except your competition! It is truly appreciated.

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