How a little fine-tuning with your advertising tactics

increases your overall marketing program.

A marketing manager uses the best strategies, direct and customer-centric, to meet or to exceed the planning and goals set by upper management. There are many tactical tools to select and many channel selections to make and meet the goals set forth by management. Discover and test marketing tactics to build your brand, stay competitive, and expand your customer base.   

The next step in marketing planning uses the marketing data and the results from previous advertising campaigns. A small business needs as much information as possible to meet the sales goal for the latest marketing program.  

An advertising tactic could be placed in social media or any digital marketing channel. Email is another channel for presentations, trade shows and direct mail. Like a road map, many paths can be taken to arrive at one designation. Which is the best road depends on how you choose to disseminate your information. 

When selecting your advertising tactics, keep your message consistent with customer profiles.

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It may take a considerable number of “direct hits” to get your prospects to act. If you leave the scene too quickly, you are removed from their memory. 

What just was described, is simplistic, but often over looked (excuses) because there are many choices to make with your tactical selections to use in company marketing. 

There’s the problem.

Getting the right marketing strategies and advertising tactics is a lot of work. Any one leading the marketing program, eventually starts second guessing their choices. Unfortunately, that may neglect choosing the right tactics, or not consistent messages. 

For example, a digital pop up is glanced at 25 times before someone reads the headline but moves on. For example, if the headline and its message is supported in other tactics, such as direct mail or email, it will have a better chance of success. Multi-channel communication is  necessary for many businesses (B2B) to get better results. 

Consider that the contacts in your data base may neglect reading every email or visit each Website landing page offered. However, data analytics, such as Google Analytics, may lead you to collect more information for future programs.

If you decide to change your marketing program, this only confuses  your contacts, and even pass over the new message. People are programmed for familiarity. Therefore, a logo, tagline and message consistency, with company positioning, branding, a USP and so forth, is so important to a successful marketing program.

So, commit to keeping your message consistent, and set up a frequency of touch points, and give it time. Fine-tune your marketing based on customer suggestions. It may take three to six months, depending on the product or service, to see measurable results.

Remember, it takes a multi-tactical approach to reach a target market. Contacts need to be reminded by you and be there when they are ready to make a purchase.

Action plan and timeline

Creative Design Concept – channels and tactics are many. READ MORE

A very specific calendar of tactical placement is important. Always remember: you may know where you are, but you may not know how you got there. Examine each tactic for success: record the number of inquiries, when they occurred, why they occurred, and how they occurred. Then evaluate each tactic based on cost, placement, and message effectiveness.  

Finally, was the successful tactic seasonal? Did more calls occurred at a time of year form a specific tactic or medium source? Analyze. Analyze. Analyze.  A little fine-tuning can make the difference between overall success and failure. 

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