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In our last post, “Commit to a Contact Management System”, I recommended to use a lead processing system which can guide you how in uncovering the most important details about your clients, customers, and prospects.

There is an underlying misconception that traveling down this path ends in failure. Some companies bite off too much and others die because of losing interest and nobody minds the program. The greatest chance of continuous usage is to start simple, celebrate milestones and make one person in charge of the data.

What’s important for success?,

First, prepare probing questions and make them a part of your business communication with contacts as you enter them into a list. Make sure your team is recording the data and updating it as well.

The next important question to answer is who is responsible for the analysis of the data? Don’t pass over this question if you do not have an answer. Have someone in mind within your company who manages time well, company oriented, and would love the opportunity.

A good starting point.

Segmenting your customer and prospect list is a great place for this person to start. Start the list building process by segmenting clients, customers, and prospects proportionately and likely increase a sale. A simple lead processing classification is:

1. A client provides a consistent revenue stream and relies solely on your services and products. 2. A customer uses your services or products occasionally, but you may not get all their business. 3. A prospect has been known as a potential customer or a client.

No matter where you start, it’s important to start and keep track, following and recording the data wherever it leads. Good contact management is vital for success.

The following is an outline of the most critical steps to help you enhance your company’s sales effort. Since many companies have a variety of marketing and selling tools in place, a lead processing system, like ProspectationSM is easily adapted to meet business goals and objectives.

 I have listed the first three steps from our Prospectation program. These three steps are what a company needs to implement to reflect a change in the goals set for the company. If interested in learning more about the other four steps, please email us at

Assigning a person as the lead coordinator.

  • In-house strategy session.
  • Determine the framework of the contact management program.
  • Establish and discuss the preliminary marketing strategy.
  • Determine the key contact and the lead coordinator.
  • Discuss the goals and objectives of your lead processing system.

Generating Leads.

  • Schedule time to create and build the list.
  • Develop a focus of what to look for in a lead such as a client, customer or prospect.
  • Product and service knowledge training for the coordinator.
  • Create the lead profile worksheet.
  • Settle on the categories of your contacts.
  • Determine a coaching schedule for your lead person.
  • Perform a test and share the results.

Hunting down the Right Leads.

  • Start segmenting the list.
  • Plan the initial contact of each client, customer, and prospect.
  • Prepare a list of qualifying questions to test the validity of a potential profile.
  • Grade the contacts (propensity to make a purchase) using client, customer and prospect.
  • Analyze results and opportunities.

I usually find some elements in the first three steps noted above already in place. What makes this program different is the systematic approach to grade your business contacts. It helps an organization get to the next growth level. Plus, you are not alone in your effort to grow your company and build a bigger client base using these three tools.


As you’ve already determined by now, this is not a short-term fix. It’s a business process that helps your organization to get the perfect selling foundation in place to meet your company’s growth goals for many years to come.

To learn more about this extremely valuable and business building tool, and what it can do for you, email us at

We’ll share the preliminary program, I’ll prepare a series of questions in which we call your “homework assignment.” The answers are essential to the success of this program and are the foundation for your marketing and selling.

Thanks for reading.

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