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Valuable to Today’s Small Business Marketing.

Most marketers believe their copywriting must be relevant to potential and existing customers in a database. One size fit’s all is great for socks, but your customers look for a better fit.

Let’s discuss copywriting and how you use it in personalizing your daily customer communications. Every potential customer care about their own situation and prefers to read copy that is addressed to them (“second person”) along with another nugget of personalized copy.

Is disruptive advertising on its way out?

According a recent article in Ad Age, Luma’s Terry Kawaja is big on the direct-to-consumer trend at their annual meeting in October of 2018. Terry was so excited about this trend and call BS on “privacy zealots.” 

Quoting Publicis Groupe Chief Growth Officer, Rishad Tobaccowala on the reason, MediaPost wrote: “… conventional brand-building media models aren’t working as well as they used to. It’s because big brands are realizing that the only way to have a relationship with and understand their consumers, is to cut out the middleman and have a relationship with them directly.”

Marketing is about connecting the right customers to the right product. Disruptive marketing communications has reduced effective marketing planning. You cannot get away from this disruption impeding your opportunity to visit the web and shelled consistently by popups and other tools.

Many believe marketing has been reduced to customer acquisition and retention.  These days, what most people consider marketing is simply advertising.  Search, email, content, and other common forms of marketing today are primarily methods for generating or maintaining awareness or repeat purchase.

What is the source of the displeasure with marketing?

Data, when compared to the present and ten years ago is quite different. Except for one thing. There may be more data available but when it comes to analyzing and recording data, it winds up on the back burner. Well, the back burner ran out of fuel and no more fill-ups are available.

Monitor your data closely to track undeliverable emails or estimate the time of day when people accessed your message. These small details will provide you with a good deal of information about how your marketing is performing and what you can do to improve engagement in the future.

Digital marketing may have some value, but the use of disruption is annoying and loses attraction. Here’s the latest info from PebblePost, “86% of consumers take the time to look through the mail. It doesn’t interrupt the user experience. They report it’s 400x more effective than digital display. 

Let’s go back to your company data.

  • Are you delaying customer analysis because you’re not sure how you would react to your company data?
  • Do you think data consumes too much valuable time? If you consider time is money, you can now remove your head from the sand.
  • If you are using customer data analysis, what is the one thing you would do differently?
  • Data today is closer to hitting a much narrower target with a modest relevant message. Presently, the result we see daily is disruptive advertising, but change appears to be in the wind.
  • When incorporating digital marketing into your present marketing program, you’ll find there are many more channels at your disposal.
  • How will you use them?

Great ideas that make you think.

Today a copywriter must personalize not just in the name or address, but the words he or she uses to grab more than a few seconds of attention.  For this reason, personalized is crucial to creating relevance and connecting with customers and prospects in a meaningful way.

As an example, a copywriter for a company marketing to medical practices, must know how to market to medical practices. Every industry has specific issues and regulations to follow for better marketing results. Yes, HIPAA is just one of them in medical marketing.

In order to start on the right foot, a medical copywriter may need to write about their product efficiencies to reduce operating costs, now quality initiatives can position the practice to improve reimbursement and know that relationships matter, just naming a few. I repeat, start slowly using data. Companies that start slowly with data capture, data collection and analysis wind up with additional information as they keep churning their data, which in turn will help the bottom line.

Nuances about B2B Marketing.

B2B copywriting success may depend on finding the precise mix of language that resonates with your audience. Success or failure can just as easily rest on not understanding the industry nomenclature.

If you want your customer or prospect to read any ad, email, landing page or direct mail, the reader must gain value from information that is new, different, or will otherwise provide a benefit to them.

If you state upfront that you’re telling them something they already know, you will lose their interest and move on to something else.

B2B and Direct Marketing.

Direct marketing copywriting uses effective copy that needs to always focus on the prospect.  Just as you can lose a reader by already telling them something they know, and as you guessed, your prospects don’t care about you or your company.

B2B copywriting must focus on the customer, the benefits, and the copywriting, which is somewhat similar that a person would say in face-to-face.

Your direct marketing copy should always reduce verb phrases, change wordy phrases to less words, and avoid nouns such as “in the area of” is just another clutter sentence.

In summary…

As they say, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of direct marketing books just on copywriting. The one that is always handy when I’m writing, is my copy of “Words that Sell,” by Richard Bayan.

What are some of the unique ways of marketing in your industry? How is the copywriting affected by your industry?

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