How to See the Value In The Direct Marketing Infographic…

and what to use in your marketing and advertising.

Yes, the infographic at first glance is somewhat daunting. For some viewing it may look like a mumble jumble infographic. I, as a marketer, visualize the content as a variety of tactics, delivery channels, advertising placements, strategic methods or just about anything you can use to get the word out to people to buy your products and/or services.

There is value in an infographic like this one, because it reminds you there are many ways to reach more potential customers. If you are working on your next marketing project or waiting for the right opportunity to send a campaign – stop and think for a moment. What are you using from the infographic?

Are you worried about another campaign that will miss the mark? Is your list not living up to your expectations? You know something is wrong, but you can’t put a finger on it? Is your customer focus to learn more why a customer buys and why others do not buy?

Let’s try to simplify your advertising.

The spaghetti bowl infographic is full of ideas with many marketing options. If they are used without a strategy, you will never get the results you are looking for. Direct marketing is a strategy. A direct marketing strategy uses customer profiling, customer segments, and the marketing communication channels your customers prefer.

What I am seeing today, better results occur more often with a direct marketing strategy, a clean database of contacts and customers and using a variety of communications channel to reach more customers to make a purchase.

If you own or manage a small B2B company, what I recommend using is marketing direct-2-customer. It’s a goal-oriented marketing and advertising method which will allow you to see what works and why. The “why” can teach you how to convert your prospects into customers and even learn how to make a customer buy more.

Here’s an example.

You need a customer-focus mentality to see how and understand why your customers buy or not buy. There is nothing better than weaving a direct marketing strategy and its many tactical choices to reach, attract and sell more to your targeted market audience. With more customers, your strategy will need some tweaking with your marketing and advertising. The more you learn the more you will earn.

First, the purpose of direct-2customer marketing is to motivate a prospect or customer to act:

  1. to call,
  2. order,
  3. make a purchase,
  4. request information,
  5. visit your company store,
  6. or whatever it takes to make a prospect or a customer to take the next step.

In this fast-paced, highly-competitive world of ours, making this happen isn’t always as easy as it looks. The reason is that it takes time for planning and implementation expertise to make a greater response to occur from your marketing communications program.

Now, let’s look at the six-step list once again. Not only is it functional to gather the info but analyze that data and use it for such tools of segmenting your buyers and building customer profiles.


So, what can our direct-2-customer strategy accomplish in the now? One of the biggest advantages of building and customize a direct marketing strategy, it leads to better advertising tactics, better response, right on copywriting, good call-2-actions and how to test future marketing programs for ideas as you build your direct2customer marketing.

The Next post – Another list and learn more about direct-2-customer.

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