Learn how to cut marketing shortcuts into little pieces of data…

and use it to capture more customers.

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and use it to capture more customers.

Today, with so many ideas floating around in marketing and advertising, you hear “You don’t need another idea — you need better execution.”  

Now that statement makes perfectly good sense.  

People love to take shortcuts in marketing and advertising. When using direct marketing and advertising, “shortcuts” are not accepted.  

Shortcuts are useful in haircutting or in a butcher shop, but never in marketing and sales. One wrong cut made in the process can kill the response and ruin the ROI. No one person wants that to happen. 

The many “ins and outs” of marketing today, you should think, direct to customer. Knowing and learning more about your market, its prospects and customers, can lead toward pursuing more customer data. When this collected data is tested, analyzed, and positive results are established, this proof maybe the game changer for leaderships approval to continue. 

Well, they are not the same.

Working in small to mid-size business, each customer means a lot more for survival than it does for the larger companies. Then why should you think each customer is the same? Or a prospect is, well, a typical prospect? It’s a good idea to lose that attitude. 

That brings us back to shortcuts. If you start to use the tactics of a customer- centric marketing strategy, it will uncover more opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas with your marketing team. Talking to and listening to a customer needs is an important tactic of collecting all the right data

What about selling?

Use this opportunity spent by your team talking and learning how customers respond, the collected data is added into a CRM. Another benefit of adding your data in customer segments or profiles means you will now have the ability for better target marketing using relevant communications. 

If you combine selling with your marketing team, here are four additional points to consider: 

1. A shared vision for all employees. 

2. Facing the challenges and victory’s together. 

3. Improving communication and learning from each team member. 

4. Meeting the marketing targets and improving efficiency 

Never hesitate putting sales with advertising in a small B2B company. Usually, there are a variety of ideas that will help your team build realistic goals when moving forward. 

Most businesspeople agree that marketing, advertising and sales are undergoing a makeover in the wake of digital marketing. If marketing becomes a pal of sales, then each will help your company become better marketers, selling and increase revenue. No one complains when they are rewarded with more cash. 

If you continue to take shortcuts and send every customer the same message, you are creating a risk that may kill your business.  Your revenue may move lower. Customers feel that you don’t understand their needs. 

There are many marketing ideas and tools to avoid shortcuts and increase your direct marketing results. I have the expertise in direct marketing and mail and would love to share with you any additional information to make your marketing and advertising top notch performers. 

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