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How five marketing strategies, used in a B2B company…

will provide growth in client acquisition. When evaluating existing marketing and advertising programs, there are a variety of solutions and ideas to reach your goals. There are much needed leadership skills that will help to build a strategic marketing skill set for your company. Selecting the best strategy or using multiple strategies is common but […]

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5 Facts You Should Know About…

building a marketing strategy that works. A marketing manager uses the best strategies to accomplish the planning and goals set by upper management. There are many tactical tools at his or her disposal to select as many channel selections to make to meet the goals set forth by management as it pertains to selling product […]

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8 Ideas to Increase Customer Engagement Using Landing Pages with…

A Direct or Digital Marketing Strategy. Google analytics was the culprit that gave us the term, “landing page. In the direct response and mail strategy we preferred “call-to-action” page. Our copywriters love any word in an advertising piece that inspires the readers “to-do-it now.” Sorry about sharing my memories with you, but if you want […]

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If the horse considers this a victory…

the small business man on the ground has other ideas, and none are excuses. I do believe it’s an inherent quality many of us learn very early in life. As a child grows up using trial and error, you may have heard, “Why do I need to take the training wheels off? The bike works […]

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Effective team building in your business marketing starts with each employee and your effective leadership…

and their willingness to learn, some by trial and error. Marketing, advertising and sales people are usually a good mix with a sharp skill set of customer knowledge. They usually have different diverse personalities and work styles. But patience is a trait they all need when working with other team members. Some pointers from my […]

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The Layout of Creative Marketing Begins with…

Creativity for converting more people to Customers. Let’s face it, the variety of ways to get a customer in the B2B small business is an unknown number. If you where looking at a map of planet earth, the customer attraction tactic, may be to send a message to everyone on the planet. Is there an […]