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Beginners Guide: Learn the Basic Direct Marketing Tactics, Post # Two

It’s wise to use them today in your Digital Marketing for better response. I always loved to try changing a marketing tactic that goes a bit above the grain. Nothing ventured; nothing gained. In 2000, we were writing and designing a post card for our company marketing. During an office meeting on customer’s projects, an […]

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What To Do With Disruptive Advertising.

Nothing – stay focused on your customer base. Let other companies deal with disappointment. Summertime brings us the warmth we started craving since the first snowfall of the past winter. A spring siting of the first tulips poking out of the snow alerts us summer is close to returning. The first leaf changing color in the […]

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Seven Trends You Need To Know In Direct Marketing

Is your company constantly struggling for better response rates, open rates, conversions, cost-per-order, and life time value? You are not alone. Stop and think for a minute. Is it more than one in the above question? I think I know that answer. I shall share my ideas with you by using a Direct Mail program […]

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Three basic personalization trends that can make…

or disconnect your consumers marketing communication channels. When it comes to using personalization with other direct marketing tactics and channels – there is a chance to embarrass yourself and your company – and bringing about a response that is entirely opposite the one you were hoping for. Here are three basic personalization trends to check for […]

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How To Create A Marketing List Of Contacts That Gets The Gold!!!

So, what makes a marketing list of contacts “good” or “bad?” Here’s an interesting corollary when it comes to marketing lists. It goes like this: A good list has the potential to generate a good response with an “average” sales message. But a bad list won’t yield the response you need, regardless of how good your […]