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Ideas and Comments from The Wacky World of Advertising…

on using marketing and advertising in the first six months of 2018. Website advertising. Whenever on the web, a mouse click away takes you somewhere else. But this time, an advertisement appeared, and takes 10 seconds away from your time left on earth. Low and behold the advertisement was another attack on your privacy. Will […]

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Here are 4 concepts when adding marketing tools to your client acquisition program…

but were afraid to ask. I do not know how I should bring this to your attention, but please no fuss or harsh words. This is really what you need to consider if you want to succeed. Ready? We need better content!!! Number one concept. The work force of today needs information to help them […]

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Today, What Does “Marketing” Imply to You?

Do you consider marketing is advertising? How would you answer these two questions as it pertains to your business? Let me set the table for the answers I am looking for as they relate to your business. Simply, in the last thirty-five years in the business-to business (B2B) marketplace, I look at marketing as being […]

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How to keep tabs on your company’s growth by using marketing and advertising running on all cylinders.

Here are ideas from my small business experience which are more than helpful. Stop thinking opens, click troughs and any advertising that interrupts. If your return on the recent advertising campaign has dicey looking results, don’t reenact the campaign hoping for better results. STOP. This just in from According to Princeton psychologists, you have […]

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Can You Survive The Battle of Low Price?

Low price has always been a strong motivator. In today’s world, unfortunately, there always seem to be someone with a lower price. But the fact remains that there’s just so low you can go. Oh, you have several choices. You either join the battle of lowering prices (no one ever wins this battle) or you […]

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Visuals attract and make the reader pause…

now pounce on them with an offer they can’t refuse –  but be nice. Direct and digital marketing is a combination of words and pictures and ideas. A great idea without compelling words often goes unnoticed. Great words without the ability to attract the consumer’s attention often doom those glorious words to oblivion. Great visual […]