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Can You Survive The Battle of Low Price?

Low price has always been a strong motivator. In today’s world, unfortunately, there always seem to be someone with a lower price. But the fact remains that there’s just so low you can go. Oh, you have several choices. You either join the battle of lowering prices (no one ever wins this battle) or you […]

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Yes, IT CAN lead to more customers! This post is about cans. We’re not talking about trash cans, empty tin cans, cans of soda, or a can or two of beans. We’re writing about the problem with the word “can” when it is preceded with the wrong word. For example, people often say “you can” […]

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This threesome has the power to grow your business as much as you would like.

The choice is yours to make. The buying process is different in many companies today. Some companies come right out of the gate yelling, “Buy our product.” Other companies plan and then plan some more before tipping their toes in the customer prospect pool with a form of marketing. The winners in the game of […]

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A Complete Guide to Build Your Own USP!

A USP is commonly referred to as a Unique Selling Proposition. A USP answers the customer’s question – “Buy our product and you’ll get this important benefit.” How do you get one? They are not available in stores but I recommend you talk to your customers. But, before you do that, put yourself in the customer’s shoes, […]

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How To Get The Answers To Your Most Burning Consumer Questions…

That Drives More Information About Your Customers and Prospects! Direct marketers know that personalization is more than a name. In the digital age, consumers expect you to know a bit more than just a name. Last week’s post, “Three Basic Personalization Trends That Can Make…” illustrated that point, but particularly, the first point, ACCURACY. Call […]

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The Seven Golden Rules Using Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, and Direct Response Tactics…

Or Better Known As “The Big List If You Need a Big Response!”  “Market unto others as you would have them market unto you.” That’s a little broad. So let’s take a look at it piece by piece. Here are seven elements that combine to make up the one big “Golden Rule.” Rule #1: Market […]