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How to do your own market research…

and use your findings for a customer acquisition program. There is a free, authorized Q&A content paper for getting the most information from your market research activities. Visit our our MCG e.Val.u.ate program at the end of this post. Besides the info, you’ll find a series of questions, you can answer pertaining to your own […]

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Marketing goals are based on past customer experiences.

Learn how to create marketing goals when a customizing a direct marketing strategy.  The why and how you need to begin today. Marketing goals should be determined by what the company has achieved through customer experiences. Marketing goals are the results we want to achieve with marketing planning. Goals need to include measurable, quantified objectives. […]

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How to Create A Marketing Mission Statement…

that will get you closer to your customers. Somewhat different from the corporate mission statement, the marketing mission statement focuses on a marketing planning purpose. Think of your marketing mission as a focus of what customers need and want. To answer this question, you need to use a marketing capture tool, one that enables your […]

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5 Facts You Should Know About…

building a marketing strategy that works. A marketing manager uses the best strategies to accomplish the planning and goals set by upper management. There are many tactical tools at his or her disposal to select as many channel selections to make to meet the goals set forth by management as it pertains to selling product […]

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A solution provider, experienced in direct marketing and mail,

can eliminate a lot of busy work. Just another way to set the table for future customer gains. How does a company know if it is staged for complete success when it comes to direct and digital marketing? What is a good way to identify gaps in strategy, to repair mistakes that testing brought about and what […]

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How to Build Countless Customer Loyalty and Relationships –

and in the process, encourage more sales. Since the general election this past November, there is a lot of discord going around, and it becomes harder to figure what’s real and what’s fake. As a wise man once said, when it comes to discussions about politics and religion, you may be treading water if you […]