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How to inspire others by teaching and sharing valuable information

to operate a small business successfully. “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” ― Aristotle The role of teaching is quite different today. In my opinion, the Aristotle Quote is right on. When you were in school, the fact that you took a course wasn’t rare or scarce. We all took similar courses. What […]

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How to determine your direct marketing program’s response rate…

will keep you very busy and the envy of all your employees! Imagine a crystal ball that predicts your direct marketing and digital marketing response rate. Talk about real job security! Unfortunately, when it comes to direct and digital marketing, there is no such thing as “guaranteed response rate.” The crystal balls we’ve seen are […]

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Use These Four Effective Direct Marketing Communication Channels, if…

you demand the best response from your #SmallBiz direct marketing! Four primary channels are recommended within a frequency-based customer acquisition program: direct mail… email… landing pages… and social media to reaffirm the offer and collect better data. (Read previous post, April 5th). Here’s the strategic game plan: Strategic Direct Marketing Two-way communicating Clever and relevant […]

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How To Get The Answers To Your Most Burning Consumer Questions…

That Drives More Information About Your Customers and Prospects! Direct marketers know that personalization is more than a name. In the digital age, consumers expect you to know a bit more than just a name. Last week’s post, “Three Basic Personalization Trends That Can Make…” illustrated that point, but particularly, the first point, ACCURACY. Call […]

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Three ways to increase your luck…

without having to kiss the Blarney Stone. How many times have you heard someone say – Some people have more luck than sense. Why are some people born lucky? She has all the luck. Now that St. Patrick’s Day is behind us and you weren’t fortunate to find a pot of gold, here are three […]

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Is your present business marketing out of tune and out of date?

Here are the warning signs. Caution – If the following is your present marketing model, it’s time to move it out to pasture (be careful where you step). Read on and we’ll show you how to take the most important next step. Today many industry companies are still using a reactive form of marketing and […]