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How to Create A Marketing Mission Statement…

that will get you closer to your customers. Somewhat different from the corporate mission statement, the marketing mission statement focuses on a marketing planning purpose. Think of your marketing mission as a focus of what customers need and want. To answer this question, you need to use a marketing capture tool, one that enables your […]

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How to use traditional marketing and

provide a better skillset for marketing and customer service employees. A broad marketing skill set in this digital era can span across a very large horizon. Traditional marketing has been around a long time. Have you heard about the four P’s? It’s a marketing mix defined as the set of marketing tools that a company […]

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How to Catch More Customers…

with the right marketing questions. The small business market can be a challenge for many suppliers of products and services. Some people prefer to go after the bigger fish. Their reasoning usually centers on, “small business is such a waste of time. There’s more money to make working with larger companies.”  Yada, yada, and more […]

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Looking for new customers? Do you have an idea how?

Here’s how to separate the chaff from the wheat! A few weeks ago, I had a conference with a prospect looking for advertising advice. She belongs to a group I manage in LinkedIn. Her company builds and maintains websites on a national level. I’ll call her Prospect X. As I always do, I asked a lot […]

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How to Create a Question That Gets An Answer

It pays to learn as much as you can about your customers. Rule of the many Direct and Customer-centric marketing strategies that pay. Good copywriting in direct marketing can depend on what you know about your customers and the industry you serve and rely upon. In social media, such as Facebook, the copy maybe quite […]

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What To Do With Disruptive Advertising.

Nothing – stay focused on your customer base. Let other companies deal with disappointment. Summertime brings us the warmth we started craving since the first snowfall of the past winter. A spring siting of the first tulips poking out of the snow alerts us summer is close to returning. The first leaf changing color in the […]