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How to use traditional marketing and

provide a better skillset for marketing and customer service employees. A broad marketing skill set in this digital era can span across a very large horizon. Traditional marketing has been around a long time. Have you heard about the four P’s? It’s a marketing mix defined as the set of marketing tools that a company […]

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Your customers and prospects, are bombarded daily…

with advertising material from every direction. Sound familiar? Many advertisers need to reach more customers. That means on any marketing channel or any HD screen you may have, and yes, even your smart phone. This leads to decreased attention spans, as well as lower response and conversion rates. More people are shouting discouraging remarks on […]

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Four Marketing Lessons Learned to Increase Your Revenue…

Or how to accelerate your message frequency and boost response without killing the budget. Usually in Mid-November, all the holiday advertisements are in place and early returns suggest a landslide of goods sold and donations made to deserving charities. Imagine directly reaching consumers online – just like you do offline with direct marketing and mail […]

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Visuals attract and make the reader pause…

now pounce on them with an offer they can’t refuse –  but be nice. Direct and digital marketing is a combination of words and pictures and ideas. A great idea without compelling words often goes unnoticed. Great words without the ability to attract the consumer’s attention often doom those glorious words to oblivion. Great visual […]

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If you only have 8 seconds to engage…

here’s a channel of communication that will always answer the call! When you think of direct marketing using mail for advertising, you probably think of slick self-mailers, 4-color printing, multi-part envelope packages, and fancy dimensional pieces. But did you think of postcards? Not the ones you sent to family and friends while on vacation, but […]

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Your customers are special, right?

It’s gut-check time to check it out. Customers are special. Everyone loves them and everyone wants more. Companies do not usually turn away someone who wants to be a customer. After all, out of billions of people, only a few choose to do business with you. Hopefully, when you look at your customers after reading […]