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Three ways to increase your luck…

without having to kiss the Blarney Stone. How many times have you heard someone say – Some people have more luck than sense. Why are some people born lucky? She has all the luck. Now that St. Patrick’s Day is behind us and you weren’t fortunate to find a pot of gold, here are three […]

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Which of the following fundamentals of direct marketing are true or false?

Last week, my friend Caesar and I challenged you on what is a myth or a non-myth when using the techniques of direct marketing and mail. Below are the true or false questions with my answers. There are also a few links for you to click and learn more about direct marketing and mail. I […]

Direct Marketing Marketing Strategy

The Ides of March brought change…

here’s how to embrace it. Change does not have to be as drastic, but in marketing, change is a requirement. Last week I mentioned to a client about how hard our winter has been and said to her, “Maybe the Ides of March will blow all this cold weather back to where it came from […]

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Is your present business marketing out of tune and out of date?

Here are the warning signs. Caution – If the following is your present marketing model, it’s time to move it out to pasture (be careful where you step). Read on and we’ll show you how to take the most important next step. Today many industry companies are still using a reactive form of marketing and […]

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Here’s how to get the most from a customer-contact management system

Don’t let this problem happen in your company. Today most businesses use some type of a customer-contact management system. I’ve seen a few built in Excel. MS Access was a common database program earlier in this century. Plus, there is ACT, other brand name software and even proprietary ones built for companies in retail, healthcare […]

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How to explore your marketing options

Stop dreaming, start doing. When people see a good advertisement or hear about a marketing campaign gone viral, some say, “Why can’t that be our business?” Even when you read about a lottery winner taking away the largest jackpot in history, do you become envious? Or think, “I’ll never have to worry about anything again.” […]