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Marketing’s most essential ingredient for success!

If your marketing performance is out of sight, then it’s probably out of mind.

OuttaSiteWhen you don’t see something or someone frequently, you simply forget about it or them. For example:

  • I know I have a Philips screwdriver!
  • You’re kidding me! She did that again. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen her.
  • OMG! You mean they are still in business!

Unfortunately, for many businesses, neglect to advertise can be a death null. Or advertising the same message over and over, and expecting different results, is insane. Just ask Albert, the next time you talk to him.

Everyone’s job in your business is marketing.

I think we can all agree that the importance of personal communication in any sales transaction is vital for any chance of continued success. What marketing steps did you take to get to this point? What steps will you take to make sure that transaction occurs again?

Today, the number of messages it takes to convert a person to buy is higher. There are many communication channels at one’s disposal but to determine what is best, yet it takes a serious commitment to marketing.

How serious are you about marketing?

Patience, testing, building relationships, measuring response, calls-to-action, ad copy, customer service, technology, to name just a few on the list of to-do’s, is daunting.

The many faces of marketing

The many faces of marketing

In order to use direct marketing successfully, you need to create a marketing culture within your company.

A marketing culture is formed by the collective behavior of an organizations employee’s, that are customer focused, and goal oriented. They are a central part of change for a company to adapt.

Employees are viewed as a selective and vital community, a team within your organization. Every employee shares their success with other employees in serving customers for the benefit of the company. This attitude adds a little treasured frosting on the top creates value to the customer buying experience.

This is another benefit that a customer-centric marketing strategy will bring to your company. Building one strengthens a company’s marketing culture. Plus, it helps to ensure change within your organization is always embraced when it’s beneficial to success.

Customer-Centric Marketing… Change – Creates a Culture – Builds strategies – Connect – Engages – Sell – Success.

Marketing-Tip_CrpdOut of sight and out of mind? It never happens in a Customer-Centric Company!

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4 Proven Techniques to Increase the Success Rate of Multi-Channel Marketing

DataAndAnalyticsThe large amounts of data flowing from CRM and contact management systems make it easier to track and report results.

But using this operationally focused information still proves challenging. When building a multi-channel marketing campaign, the way you use and analyze your data can increase the response rate.

The challenges of data and analytics

The challenges for marketers when it comes to using company data to improve marketing effectiveness are:

A) Poor data quality and

B) A lack of formal processes to collect, manage data, and creative thinking for a better marketing strategy.

There are many variables as you can imagine when using data and analytics. Since it’s no longer a fad but a reality, here are a few techniques and thoughts to get you started or to enhance whatever your organization is presently using with marketing.

  1. Treat data as an investment

RedFlag2Your data is like any other company asset. You need to manage it so it delivers the results you want. It needs to be accurate or your analysis and ultimately your decisions could be flawed.

Accordingly, you’ll need to retool it every now and then because of changes and the ever changing faces of human nature. Replenish your data with any new information received from existing customers. New customer information may signal an opportunity for new services or products.

  1. How to begin to measure your analytics

As with data, you must establish your key performance indicators (kpi’s) and how you interpret them. This is another area where you need to adjust your thinking cap. Get into using metrics to see if GoldenRulethere is a deeper meaning with the numbers.

According to an article in Marketing Sherpa©, you should translate your performance into a predictor of customer behavior. To do this, first ensure that your metrics platforms are able to track four primary types of analytics:

Amount – How many instances of a particular action are occurring? (Tracking the pages people are visiting on a daily basis.)

Source – Where do the prospects come from? (How many visitors to a website came from the latest email newsletter?)

Nature – What do prospects experience on your site? (The value of direct marketing fundamentals. 156 visitors read an article on 7 steps to create a catchy headline).

Results – What do prospects do on your site? (Contact MD for more information.)

Google Analytics® is a good tool to start with because it provides just what you need, especially if you’re a beginner. For example, I use it to answer many questions while assessing the data, especially how will this data impact my marketing strategy.

  1. Creative thinking is important

LightBulbv1copy_thumb.jpgCreate an idea dashboard to track and manage your favorite marketing ideas and tactics. Periodically update it to meet your learning curve from the use of analytics.

If you ever feel rushed or finding it harder to focus, a particular day or time maybe best for your creative thinking. Even then, an interruption may occur, stifling your thinking activity.

Try assigning the reset mentality to a specific activity. Stop and listen to music, take a short walk, or get up and get a drink of water. A small break such as this can blow out all the tension and clutter in your mind, and that can restore your focus.

At other times, turning to a book or industry paper for your reading pleasure can help you re-focus. Ten to fifteen minutes can mean that next idea you need to come up with by the end of the week.

  1. Answers you get will affect marketing strategically

GoodDataObjectively interpreting your data can be extremely overwhelming and very difficult to do correctly. Your strategy must have correct insights from other campaigns to make the right sense of your data.

Narrow your focus to the metrics that will provide the most relevant insights. This is where your KPI’s for your website or any other communication channel you chose to measure will help to narrow your focus. The most common ones are the conversion rate, revenue, cost of acquisition, clickthroughs or any of the other performance metrics you want to collect.

Whenever in doubt, always return to your business strategy for data and metrics to make sure you are on the right path. Ask yourself, “Do we have data to support that?”

Marketing-Tip_CrpdLiked this post? Here’s additional information that you will find helpful.

Looking for better response for your marketing programs? Read about the latest direct marketing technology.




Need some help with data management?


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The Most Fatal Mistake You Can Make in Direct Marketing today…

CriticalMistakeeliminate it before your marketing budget is wiped out!

During the good old days of direct mail, a typical response rate of 1% was considered a victory. Today, if you told a client to expect the same response rate, they would take their business elsewhere.

The Dawning of the Digital Age and the recession that appeared in 2008 alerted all businesses that marketing for new customers had changed. Even today as the dust begins to settle, many companies large and small, are struggling to right the marketing shift.

Marketers using traditional advertising such as newspapers, radio and television are continually fighting to get more eyeballs on their advertisements. Social media has captured quite a bunch of these eyeballs, but marketers are trying to find the right marketing path for success.

So what is the most fatal mistake a marketer can make that will destroy a marketing budget? ChartSweat

The simple answer is the one marketer’s have known since the dawn of money: “I’ll give you this if you give me that!” This discussion took place face-to-face as a lot do to this day. When we can’t sell face-to-face, we need another channel to communicate.

The channel selection you need to choose is based on what your customers prefer to use. A good answer would be to use more than one communication channel, better known as multi-channel. In my direct marketing opinion the Internet is the real answer.

Just about anybody you really want to reach is probably on the internet. Guess what is number two?

There is a very high probability that this person has a mailbox. If this same person receives a cleverly designed direct mail piece and when she goes online and sees a similar design and message 25 to 30 times over a period of days, the chances increase that this person will make a purchase.

Here’s why this company came to me.

Earlier this year, a firm with an interest in direct mail, visited our website The letters in our domain name represent Direct Marketing Communications and Management. They introduced me to a new technology from the data they capture in the financial industry, such as credit card transactions among others.

In a rather innovative way (Patent-Pending) in conjunction with direct mail, their technology is able to match household mailing addresses and arrive at the household IP address. The process combines more than 30 public data elements to hyper-accurately map an IP address to a home address with >95% accuracy.

Once the Household IP Address is determined, every time someone in the household goes online, a very similar looking and appealing banner ad shows up on the website they are viewing. Literally, this is the first direct marketing one-to-one identification from a mailing list to an IP address, or what I call, the household’s digital mailbox!

What I, the direct marketer in me, like a lot about the technology is there are no “cookies” or “census block geo-location.” It does not use pop-up ads. The conversion from mail to IP is done in a privacy-sensitive manner by assigning a unique privacy ID in the matching process.

Why do I like the technology?Slide1

Businesses that know the importance of multi-channel communications will love using this technology to reach consumers. With this technology on their side, direct marketers are able to send relevant messages at a higher frequency rate. Most people will not find it objectionable like a pop up ad.

Direct marketers who use this technology can experience an increases in revenue and a low cost of adding multiple impressions with every marketing campaign. For example, if an average direct mail piece is sent for about $.40 including postage, you can get 30 to 40 IP impressions for the same cost of the mailing.

Here’s how to learn more and get a free offer.

GrabItIf you want to learn more about this technology and direct marketing, request our free report now. Once we receive your email address the report is instantly dispatched to your inbox.

Are you new to direct marketing and mail? Are you a past user and thinking about getting back into direct mail? After you have requested the report and decide you have questions with a direct mail campaign, I’ll provide one hour of free consulting time to make sure you get started on the right foot.

Imagine directly reaching consumers online – just like you do offline with direct mail but at a much higher frequency of touches and not killing the budget! Get your free report now!

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There are many articles on marketing that imply a solution…

But what if it’s not the right solution for your company?

Anyone can say they are a provider of solutions for your company. How does anyone know your company needs a solution, if they do not know what is the problem?

SolutionIn the world of a small business, logically any company can have a problem with their marketing, advertising and planning. Yes, a company’s marketing program can always be better. It is an inherent perception which is correct more times than not. But what works for some will not work for all.

How to determine what is the best solution…

For example, in a previous post I noted there are many ways to skin a cat. I always cringe whenever I see an article such as “31 Ways to Get Every Customer to Buy Your Product.” Surely you can find a nugget among the 31, but does the writer even know you have a problem?

There is no right solution until a problem(s) is uncovered. Being a solution provider is part of what my company stands for during the past 30 years. It’s not stated as such in any marketing communication. It’s simply a part of our brand image.

How I made a solution provider image …

There are many experts in many different fields that offer great ideas. We once had a lead generating white paper that simply stated 11 mistakes every lettershop company makes and how to avoid them.

The 11 mistakes were based on our company working in the industry for over twenty years. We learned about these mistakes while making presentations at industry events such as trade shows, and meeting one-on-one with hundreds of companies. As changes occurred in the industry, recently digital printing and data, our marketing recommendations kept pace with these advances. Having a pulse on industry norms was the key part for our success.

Where to start…

Searching4aSolutionIn order to arrive at a solution, a person must be aware of the problem. To get some answers start thinking strategically. Get ideas from looking at your data and analytics. Look at your internal processes. Survey your best customers. What are other companies in your industry doing?

What you think now may be a problem could very well be a horse of a different color – another problem with a totally different solution. If you’re still not sure, you should go out of house and seek help in identifying the problem. Don’t become another statistic, by wasting your time and effort on trying to solve a problem that was not the real problem.

A solution provider knows how to find and define the problem. There may be more than one solution, but there is always one particular solution for a company that is the best.

Marketing-Tip_CrpdHint #1: A great solution provider will have it built within their brand image. Some key words to look for are evaluation, strategic, repair, teaching, goals, objectives, performance, analytics, testing and  industry data.

Marketing-Tip_CrpdHint #2: Focus on developing a customer-centric marketing strategy. When you are close to your customers, as in a customer-centric marketing, customers communicate with you before it becomes a problem.

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People in direct marketing know a good deal when they see one…

GoodDealand they’re willing to share it with you.

Do you keep track of your customers contact points? By that I mean how many messages does it take for a customer to make a purchase? Is that number higher today than the one from 12 months ago?

If you’re not sure, do you think customers want to hear or read more messages and even remind them to make a purchase? I’ll share with you what I’ve learned and how to reach more customers and gain revenue.

What is your response rate?

Most marketers are unsure about their response rate or don’t have enough time for analytics. Today’s marketers are looking for more effective ways to reach their customers in a timely manner with a relevant message. This is not easy to do using one channel.

Many marketers know cross-selling tactics in a multi-channel marketing campaign can be quite successful. According to my sources, companies who are using multi-channel communications are seeing double digit response rates.

A direct marketer would jump at the chance to present a relevant message to a consumer numerous times using a variety of channels. However, CustomerResponsethere is a cost associated adding another communication channel and for some, that is a budget breaking deal.

At what cost?

Small companies may find these costs are prohibitive to add more channels into the mix. Marketers in large companies need to prove to the executive in the corner office that multi-channel is worth the gamble for a higher response. Skeptical executives have proven to be very difficult to convince for many marketers who have seen success in multi-channel communications.

Marketing has consistently evolved to keep pace with customer demands. Most industry experts agree that customer needs are changing marketing tactics. Many companies simply cannot afford to add another channel until now.

More companies are returning to direct mail.

Not That Far Back!!!

Not That Far Back!!!

Today, when people hear about or see direct mail in their mailbox, they see less waste. Yes, some mailings cry out junk mail. Others are not relevant to the readers needs. In reality, most people have a mailbox, and some people even enjoy receiving mail, checking their mailbox daily. Direct mail is worth investigating for anyone looking to expand their marketing activities.

Since direct mail is another channel provider of marketing materials to deliver a message, it has evolved as well. Marketers are creating very impactful and powerful TakeFivedirect mail which is getting people’s attention. That is by far the biggest difference in today’s direct mail.

Successful campaigns are encouraging the direct mail reader to visit another marketing channel to do “something.” The “something” can be to get more information, a chance to save money on their purchase or soliciting a donation for the readers favorite charity. The options are many.

Here’s an idea to help you reduce your cost for additional impressions.

Yes, I did write earlier that using multi-channels can add to your budget but in a good way, it’ll add to your response rate. It’s not mailing more because there are no discounts for repetitive mailings. What if I told you that it’s possible to add more impressions from another channel for a couple of pennies on the dollar?

So what is this other channel?

The other channel is the internet. On a daily basis people visit CNN, ESPN, Google and many other web sites. For some people, it’s like walking a mall without all of the hassle. Imagine directly reachingMatch consumers online – just like you do offline with direct mail but at a much higher frequency of messages – not killing the budget, yet increasing your response rate!

A new, available technology is available by using your mailing list addresses to determine if there is a match to a household IP address. Once the Household IP Address is determined, every time someone in the household goes on-line, a very similar looking banner ad from the design and copy of the direct mail piece will appear on their screen.

Here’s where to learn more.


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What you know about circulation, flow, stream or rush hour…

Trafficwill add up to YOUR BIGGEST marketing advantage.

TRAFFIC. If you live in a big metropolis, traffic flow is the time it will take you to get from point A to point B. Depending on the time of day, or if you’re running late for an important meeting, that flow time could be an eternity.

On a side note to make you feel just a little better, the world’s longest traffic jam took place in Beijing, China. It was over 60 miles long and lasted 11 days.

Yes, there is more of everything…

The world is getting smaller as more people connect via the internet. There are more people on a wide range of communication channels, as traffic streaming confirm. On the bright side, if your livelihood depends on getting more people to buy a product, you should be happy.

That brings me back to traffic. There are more channels of communication available to all. Some channels, such as a printed display advertisement or a television commercial are preferred by some advertisers, but certainly not everyone. Those are more traditional communication channels. As an advertiser, it all depends on the traffic circulation your customers select, which means multi-channel marketing. The odds are very favorable that your customers are using more digital channels to get up stream.

Marketing is not for the faint of heart…

Actually, marketing was never for the faint of heart. Dealing with people and how they respond to communication has many variables. We strive to do our best by creating profiles of customers, adding them into a variety of determined segments created in a database.

Data management is a good tool to collect and understand change occurring with your customers. Even a potential powerful marketing campaign using multi-channels is totally useless if it depends on bad data for a good response rate.

MailBoxWebJust about every one of your customers has a mailbox. While all your competitors are creating a variety of marketing campaigns, think about using direct mail. If you’re not sure about reaching customers on Facebook, Twitter or one of the other social channels, think of returning to your customer’s mailbox. Ask them what channel they prefer to use in reaching them.

Test other communication channels, Direct mail is a good purveyor of telling your customers where to go. Give them a selection of channels to use and give them a top notch offer on a product for each channel. More choices, more connections and more customers.

Using multi-channel communication with direct mail may just be your biggest marketing advantage for present day communication traffic. It certainly can make your ride to your local bank with money to deposit more enjoyable, even if there is a traffic jam or two.

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People can make a difference…

Here’s how to learn more about your customers and in turn, what they can teach you!TheBeach

The state of advertising, promotions and marketing campaigns in general seem to miss the mark more often than not. I realize there are many changes occurring in marketing but people still buy. In my early days of marketing one of the 4 P’s was people.

I know there are robots coming, but for now, your customers are still people. However, try as you may, not every customer thinks like the previous customer in your database.

There are many answers, but finding the correct one for your company will take time.

3DolphinsAs people search the internet, discussion groups or other social media looking for resources, there are many answers to contemplate. When you wade into such a sea of solutions, such as for marketing, there are many different species you’ll encounter. The wading may take you deeper into the sea hoping to find the right solution.

Learning more about customers and the decisions they make when they purchase your product is also time-consuming, but extremely rewarding. Your customers will tell you a lot about them when they make their purchases.

How do you get the answers you need?

Go back to the sea for a moment and look on the beach. What do you see, besides sand? People are at the beach having fun. These people come in many different sizes and each one may have a different Dolphininterpretation of fun. There’s volley ball, sunbathing, reading a book, paragliding, people in the water and so on.

There are a lot of different things going on by a lot of different people. If each one was your customer, you could walk up to them and ask them a few questions about their purchase and your product.

An astute thinker like you may begin to wonder what questions to ask.  Unfortunately, you must leave the beach and return to the office. You have a bunch of questions to write which will help you reach your marketing goals. Oh, oh, yes, you need to list your goals. How are you going to know when you reach the pinnacle?

This could be the start of something big.

CustomerSigningv2The value of using a customer-centric strategy, especially for small businesses, always leads to better marketing decisions. Your customers will tell you a lot about them when they make their purchases. And what they don’t tell you, analytics and other research you do, will.

Don’t let the word strategy handcuff or stop your customer-centric marketing effort. Keep it simple. Start a phase of the project that you know will give you a quick response. You need answers, and that is important.

You’re never alone.

To learn more about a customer-centric marketing strategy, please visit my web page.

There is also a great post on branding and how customer-centric marketing strategy made a restaurant successful.

For those with analytical minds and need a few tips, here’s a post on the nuts and bolts.

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Considering Starting a New Business…

Or looking for better marketing?

Key2SuccessTake a long, hard look at Direct Marketing. It’s not just direct mail. In fact, the fundamental and techniques of direct marketing are ideal for many businesses. Here are three must have components that belong in every marketing advertisement.

1. When you look at any direct marketing mail, do you look for compelling copy?

You should not assume your marketing copy is compelling. Just because people think they are good writers, what do they know about compelling direct marketing copy? Ask for sample campaigns were they created the copy.

2. Does the design of the direct marketing mail entice you to look closer?

Design is a critical component of direct marketing. Without a clever design, accentuating the copy, does anyone ever look at direct mail? Check your mailbox and look for something clever or intriguing that makes you turn back to reading the copy.

3. Maybe it’s the offer that grabs your attention when you look at direct marketing or mail?

The heart of any direct marketing mail piece will always be an offer. What is an “offer”? Some people mistakenly assume that it’s a discount. It can be, but it could be any number of other things as well.

Very simply, an offer is the “terms of the deal.” It is you saying, “Here’s what you can get. And here’s what you have to do or pay to get it.” It’s the combination of several elements that make up the “deal.” You always have an offer in your marketing campaign, don’t you?

MailServiceProviderNow take a look at the promotional and marketing advertisements in the other communication channels you look toward for purchases. Does the sender use any of the three direct marketing techniques to persuade your interaction? If so, how?

Please bear in mind not everyone is like you. But a small percentage of the consumers you are trying to reach, think like you. When you decide to use direct marketing, adhering to the three components of good direct marketing will get the receivers attention. Like when a fisherman sets his bait when the fish begins to nibble on the baiy – the hook in this case is the offer.

It’s always a good idea to test. For example, depending on how the segmented audience is grouped, there may be a different offer for each segment. To learn more about testing and customer profiles, read “As any small biz marketing nerd knows…

For a beginners guide on Direct Marketing, request our FREE white paper ($99.00 value); The Right Notes in your Direct Marketing and Mail…” All we ask for is your name and email address. The paper is immediately sent.

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As any small biz marketing nerd knows…


it’s smart to use a marketing tool more than once.

Here’s one way to make you a pure genius.

I just finished an article for the recent edition of our publication, Direct Mail Success, on testing pointers to make sure people get the best response. In this article on testing opportunities with direct mail marketing, I liken it to a listening aid to learn more about your customers or donors.

Today, there are many ways to get answers from your customers, so take advantage of them. What you need is a good manager of the redundancy department. Not sure about this add-on? You will.

Customers or donors aren’t a mystery. They’re quite vocal about their likes and dislikes. In fact, every time a company uses direct mail marketing, the responders will tell you what products they like, which offers they prefer, and which formats catch their attention.

People just simply have to know how to listen to them through their testing. Turn off testing, and all you have are assumptions. Turn it on, and the collective voices lead you down a more definitive path.

How to kill two birds with one stone …

Not everyone likes to test direct mail marketing. In fact, many don’t. If you are one of the many, try this idea.

Sample sizes for testing are usually a proportional amount of the total mailing. However, today there are many cross-selling channels available in direct mail marketing. The other tactics used with any mailing can help you to determine your testing size. For example, the “call-to-actions” buttons give you more data to analyze.

Once you have your testing parameters in place, do yourself a favor. Listen closer to what your customers are saying with their responses and purchases. Look closely at your captured data, especially purchases in other channels.

Here is the coup!

Your customers are painting you a picture of what they want from your company. The picture may jump out at you in the beginning. Use a bit of creative thinking and the picture your customers are painting will come into focus. Even some customer’s phone calls can shed more light on your customer picture.

Analyzing your data with a creative eye is a perfect example of getting more customer information when testing marketing communications, such as direct mail. And, it eliminates the excuses not to test and gather better customer information. Eventually, testing becomes a time saver, yields a higher response, increases customer satisfaction and the bottom line!

Plus, you may add someone on your team as the first Redundancy Manager.

Two Tips for the Price of None!

Marketing-Tip_CrpdWhy Testing?

Study Customers with analytics.

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Not Every Customer is the Same

The same marketing message to each customer is not good enough.

SalesAtTableIf you want your marketing to work 24/7, I’d use both niche and target marketing. Here’s how.

Some people use the words interchangeably. As the promotional noise gets louder and more frequent, it’s wise to look at each one separately. The following two definitions work well in a small business that need to know more about their customers.

A niche market is the separation of the total market on which a specific product is focused. Every product is defined by its market niche. Therefore, your niche market must be specialized, and built to survive among the competition from numerous companies.

For example, the I-Phone has a niche market for smart phones.

A target market is a group of customers which adhere to a specific common denominator that a company can label as a specific group or segment.

Some of the more common segments are geographic locations, demographic, such as age or income, behavioral and psychographic, such as values and lifestyles.

For example, if you are selling a better lawn mower, you would not target an apartment or condominium dweller.

Not every contact is the same.

Not every contact in your niche market list is the same. As your marketing team spends some time studying your customers buying behaviors, they’ll find a few unique ways to segment your niche market contacts into targeted segments. I refer to this experience as breaking down the ICE. It’s an acronym for Interested Customer Engagement which occurs with relevant marketing messages. Plan to use more and better data management.

Just about every contact management system will allow your team to build a profile of each niche market and segment the contacts on how they use your products and services. This procedure lends itself to an easier analysis for determining the best way to segment all contacts.

If this is your first time using both niche and target marketing, the goal at this point is to come up with a few segments. Your future attention and time will allow you to make each segment you build a profitable one and add another as needed.

Set goals for the segment process.

As with anything good that comes from great marketing campaigns, it takes time to nurture a contact. The nurturing process may require added relevant messages for some contacts than others. Using a specific segmenting process for your company helps to break through the promotional noise, and for each contact, to become better acquainted with your business.

Do you use niche and target marketing?

Marketing-Tip_CrpdThere are many articles on this blog that can assist you as you move closer to a customer-centric marketing strategy. I wrote a post a few months back on relevancy and frequency. Click here now to read that post.

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